The Oversoul Contracts of DNA Recoding: Downloads & Uplinks

Lately there have been a lot of questions and discussions about Oversoul contracts. Confusion abounds. The time has come to bring a sense of enlightenment and understanding to the subject. So let’s begin.

Oversoul Downloads

This one seems to be the most misunderstood of the two contracts. I think the best way to explain it by question and answer. So, I’ll share the questions I am asked most often in my channeled coaching and counseling sessions.

Q: What is an Oversoul download?

A: An Oversoul download is simply a contract an Oversoul has with one of its soul fragments (Aspects) to download into that Aspect’s body at some point in the Aspect’s life. The purpose of the download is to fulfill a mission for the benefit of the planet and its people.

Q: What happens to me when my Oversoul downloads into my body?

A: The Aspect has a shift in consciousness. In other words, the Aspect moves to another reality and dimension which, in many cases, is like the one they just left. This usually happens after a period of sleep and rest but, not always. We on Earth will experience a similar situation when we move or shift into 5th Dimension. It is not a cataclysmic event, merely a gentle shift in consciousness, which we have prepared ourselves for. The Aspect has prepared itself for the shift, step by step, well in advance of the event.

Q: Is walking out of my body like dying?

A: No, walking out is experienced as a change in how you think. It is merely a shift from one way of thinking to another. I would liken it to how you feel when you experience a light trance regression. It is so light and gentle that you don’t even realize it happened. Walking out was never meant to be traumatic. As stated earlier, it is simply a gentle shifting of your reality. Like walking through a doorway into a new environment.

Q: Will I lose conscious memory of my prior reality and dimension once I move to my new location?

A: No more than one would lose the memory of places, towns, states or homes they have lived in, after moving to new ones, in this lifetime. The degree of memory retained is up to the individual. Please remember that nothing happens to us that we don’t choose to happen to us. When we understand that we choose the contracts and lessons for each of our lifetimes, then we understand that we chose our Oversoul contract for DNA Recoding, too.

Q: What are the benefits of Oversoul download contract?

A: First of all, the Aspect now has the advantage of moving to another lifetime (reality), to work on issues, assignments, lessons and relationships in that lifetime. They have the unique opportunity of being able to accelerate their soul growth by working on two separate lifetimes in one lifetime. This also means they don’t have to go through the birth and childhood stage in the lifetime they are shifting to. They are in essence walking into the second lifetime just as their Oversoul is walking into this, the one they are leaving. This type of contract is offered to advanced souls who can handle the emotional challenges of walking in and out of lifetimes.

The second benefit for the Aspect is that the Oversoul will retrieve the lost and damaged fragments of the Aspect and return them to the Aspect healed and whole, wherever they are. This way the Aspect has more of itself to carry out its chosen tasks in that dimension. This is the payment the Oversoul lovingly renders to the Aspect for the kind use of the Aspect’s physical form. This fragment retrieval and healing is one of the duties of an Oversoul. Those souls ready for this advanced level of incarnation are thoroughly trained to perform this task

Q: What are the benefits for the Oversoul in the download?

A: For starters, they have the use of one of their Aspects’ physical forms to carry out their duties for the benefit of the planet and it’s people. Once recoded they have the unique joy of being multidimensional while in a 3rd dimensional body.

Secondly, they have the opportunity to gain more experience and awareness of themselves, by retrieving lost and damaged pieces of one of their Aspects. When we understand that the main reason a soul would choose to become an Oversoul was to experience more of itself at one time, then we understand how important the task of soul retrieval and healing is to the Oversoul.

Thirdly, the Oversoul can obtain its natural state (multidimensionality) by recoding the DNA of the body. This, of course, is accomplished by using the 13th Dimensional Formula of Compassion, to move through and complete the remaining contractual lessons of the Aspect as well as those the Oversoul brought with it to learn.

Q: What challenges does an Oversoul experience when it downloads?

A: At first there is a short period of disorientation and the increased need to sleep. This appears to others as a sudden bout of lethargy. During this transition period the Aspect assists the Oversoul in acclimating to the body. They may exchange places for a period of time until the Oversoul has seated into the body enough to animate it. Clumsiness is a manifestation of this period.

If the body is really dense (full of emotional and physical toxins), the Oversoul will have a longer seating-in period to go through. Pain in the neck and shoulders is also common to Oversoul walk-ins. Neck and shoulder pain is an indicator, programmed into the body before birth, to alert the Oversoul to the fact that it has downloaded.

The next challenge is that of the Aspects’ relationships. This means keeping and transitioning some, and lovingly letting go of others. The Oversoul experiences the full range of emotions in handling the relationships of the Aspect. These are just a few common challenges of the Oversoul after it downloads. Each contract is different and, therefore, the challenges are vary.

The Oversoul download contract is designed for those souls who have advanced to the level of soul growth that enables them to handle the challenges of this type of contract and eventually enjoy the incredible benefits. Oversoul download contracts are used by beings that have a heavier load of responsibilities and assignments to carry out while in service on a planet.

Oversoul Uplink Contract

The uplink contract is somewhat easier than the download contract. With this contract the Aspect remains in the body and simply uplinks to the Oversoul. The Aspect accomplishes this by increasing his/her frequency through DNA Recoding and the use of the Formula of Compassion to obtain the frequency boosts.

Q: What are the benefits to having an uplink contract?

A: The benefit of accessing the wisdom of the Oversoul while still in the body is the main benefit. Another benefit is accessing the talents and wisdom of all the other Aspects of the Oversoul while remaining present in the body. Visiting the other Aspects during sleep or in a self-induced altered state also an option.

Q: What are the challenges of an uplink contract?

A: The only challenge I am aware of is the confusion that is created when the uplinking begins. The solution to this is simply knowing who and what you are, so you don’t confuse your reality with that of your Oversoul or the other Aspects of your Oversoul. Staying grounded will also help to avoid this confusion.

The Oversoul uplink contract is for those souls who have either already experienced a download contract in another lifetime, or have that contract as the next step in their soul’s evolution. This contract is also used by beings with a lighter load of responsibilities and assignments to carry out while in service on a planet.

The time has arrived for mankind to be given the understanding of the different options available for soul growth in our universe. Oversoul contracts are merely two of the many exciting options from which we can choose.

I hope this explanation of Oversoul contracts will answer many of the questions being asked as more and more people discover DNA Recoding and begin the process of regaining multidimensionality.

Blessings and Joy,