The Key to Unlocking Junk DNA

Continuing our discussion from last week, I felt it timely to again review how we unlock our junk DNA. Junk DNA is the 10 strands that were disconnected, scattered, locked and encrypted. The reason for it, well–I’ll go over that again, too.

It’s timely because the new year heralds the beginning of a mass awakening and with it, the decision to personally and collectively take responsibility for the power we knowingly and unknowingly gave away and why we did so.

12-strand DNA gives us multidimensional powers but that power requires a high degree of self-responsibility. We can have it if we are willing to do the work and move beyond the limited 3D beliefs that keep us locked in a victim mentality.

2020 is the year of 2020 vision–the ability to see the bigger picture and own our part in its creation.

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