The Inner Peace That Comes From Knowing

The US was rocked last week with the news that Congress is set to impeach our duly elected president.  And as you know, what happens in America affects other parts of the world.

The chaos and confusion are almost palpable, and the anger well–I don’t have to tell you if you live in the US, you can feel the rage rising over the near insane actions being taken.

If you listen to the mainstream news (and some alternative news stations) there is again talk of civil war.  I’d say that American is ripe for it now.  Seems it is time for another template, don’t you think?

Besides seeding the mass consciousness grid with a blueprint for how to navigate this situation to a compassion conclusion, templates require that we again return to our god state, viewing the situation from the higher perspective.  In doing so we find we achieve a sense of inner peace, a peace that comes from knowing a higher set of beliefs and principles.

We have work to do tonight.

Speak later on the compassion creator call.


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