The H1N1 Vaccine & the Formula of Compassion

If you read the news, you know that the US government is now talking about an enforced vaccination for the Swine flu. It’s called the H1N1 vaccine. Though evidence has shown that the reported deaths from the flu were largely attributed to extenuating circumstances, that evidence is not stopping them. I can’t help but wonder if the vaccination along with the vaccine’s contents are yet another attempt by the Global Elite to fulfill their two-fold agenda wherein the world’s population would be culled with those remaining being micro chipped. If so, we’d all be living in an Orwellian society far more frightening than that envisioned in the book 1984.

As one who writes about the power of compassion vis a vis, using it to alter reality, I’ve received numerous emails asking how to respond. Should we resist or should we take the vaccine? Should we allow our children to be vaccinated? The following is my answer, based on using a higher dimensional tool imparted to me by the 9th dimensional Nibiruans (Nibiruans). My answer, which is not to resist, created quite a stir on my latest weekly video message and precipitated a barrage of emails and confused, angry comments. In fact the responses were so great that I realized I needed to write out the process I took to get to that conclusion. So my goal here is to share my Formula process with you so that you, too, can take advantage of this extremely powerful tool, using it to alter the reality of this situation for your own protection. Before I get started, allow me to share a bit about the tool. I call it the Formula of Compassion (Formula).

Formula of Compassion Overview

The Nibiruans gave me the Formula of Compassion in late 1996. The Formula is a higher dimensional tool comprised of 9 steps/questions that when answered will activate our thymus at the multidimensional level and alter the event in question. It literally clears the energy of the event from our reality much the same way as pushing a reset button.

Each of the 9 questions is designed to explore the unseen and unconscious motives behind an event. It enables us to find the dysfunctional belief, or beliefs, causing the issue. And as anyone who has done emotional clearing work knows, we always, always act out of our beliefs.

Why is that? Why do we act out of our beliefs?  As I understand it, beliefs create emotional responses to which we then respond or behave based on that emotion. Here’s an example: When we hear the siren of a police car and see the flashing lights in our rear view mirror as it comes up behind us, we respond with fear. Suddenly we loose our ability to think straight; our hands shake and our heart races as we fumble for our driver’s license and proof of insurance. Our belief is that we are powerless, that we’ve done something wrong, therefore, we may loose our freedom as a result.

So, we will be exploring the mass unconsciousness of the American people since this issue of the vaccine is occurring on a national scale and is due to an ingrained belief(s) that most of us have. Our goal is to clear the energy or push the reset button, if you will, on both the proposed enforced inoculation, and the physical effects of the vaccine, by changing the core belief(s) that have caused us to co create this event. As each person completes the Formula, they help alter this event.

To be able to complete the Formula one must view the situation from a higher perspective. This involves beliefs that are sometimes foreign to what we have been taught. I will explain the higher dimensional beliefs required to complete each step/question as we go along. I won’t go into detail about each one, otherwise this article would be way too long. You’ll find that information in the expanded version of the Formula of Compassion, the 1st Key of Compassion booklet.

On to the Formula. Keep in mind that I am working it based on my personal understanding of the situation.

Step 1: What is the lesson we wanted to learn from this event?

When answering this question the higher beliefs required are:

  • We are all souls playing roles to help each other grow.

Additionally, we only have to look at the circumstances of the event to determine just what behavior is involved. Since this event involves health, we know it is a lesson about health. With that said, I believe the lesson we wanted to learn is how we give away our power because we don’t take adequate care of our health and I include myself in this. Just in case you find that hard to believe, take a look at the following statistics.

  • The US has one of the lowest rankings in overall health coming in at 37th. USA 37th in World Health
  • About 67 million Americans are obese, and an additional 75 million are overweight, according to the 2001-04 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. (Population-Based Strategy Urged to Cut U.S. Obesity Rate)
  • The rate of diabetes in the United States has nearly doubled in the last ten years and the incidence of the disease has been particularly high in the South said a new report from the country’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
  • Heart disease is the number one killer in the US and is on the increase due to the alarming rise is obesity. In 2009, heart disease is projected to cost more than $304.6 billion, including health care services, medications, and lost productivity.

I could go on but I think you get the point. When faced with these statistics it is hard to deny that we, as a nation have allowed ourselves to become unhealthy. So, if we are not taking care of our health then who is? It is my belief that we have been giving that power to the medical establishment. Furthermore, when faced with a health crisis, we depend on our doctors to fix it and our insurance companies to pay the bill. In so doing we have placed an inordinate burden and most of the responsibility for maintaining our health on those other than ourselves.

Now, I’m not saying everyone has done this. There are those who have really good health because they have taken care of themselves; they are the minority. Still, if this group is sincerely looking to prevent this enforced vaccination, they too can look for and find the ways in which they have helped to create a society with a health crisis. Here’s a hint: each time we stuff our feelings those feelings end up in the emotional field of the body and add to the negative energy. That energy can be picked up by others around us, thus adding to their emotional baggage. That baggage then can create physical maladies.

Step 2: What is the contract we made on a soul level regarding this event?

  • When answering this question the higher beliefs required are:
  • We make soul contracts in order to learn lessons.
  • Souls who play the darkest roles are the ones who love us the most.

Though we are a nation of human beings, we are also a nation of souls. When we incarnate we have personal and group lessons to learn. Some lessons are of a broader nature in that they are national. It is my understanding that everyone in the US at this time has chosen to be here in order to learn this health care lesson. With that said, contracts require that another soul or group of souls enter into a contract with us in order to recognize the imbalanced beliefs entangling us. Why? Since we can’t turn our eyes inward to see our beliefs and behaviors, we need someone or a group to perfectly mirror back our belief through their actions. Since it is our government that will enforce the mass inoculation they are the group playing the dark role. In my opinion, the contract for this healthcare lesson calls for the US government to play the dark role and deprive us of our freedom of choice regarding our health.

Step 3: What is the role we asked them play?

When answering this question the higher beliefs required are:

  • Not only do we ask other souls to enter into contracts, we script the role they are to play and we require that they play it exactly as we have scripted and for as long as it takes for us to learn the lesson.

It is my opinion that the script for this lesson included the US Government nationalizing health care, in part, to accommodate the rising costs of healthcare for an increasingly unhealthy nation. It is also my opinion that this decision stems from the growing burden placed the health care system to provide care for those who can’t afford it which has become greater due to the recession. The government knows it must take care of its citizen but they can’t do it the way the system is set up now. So, fearing social unrest, which would be the case if people could no longer receive medical care, they have chosen to nationalize.

But, that is not all that is going on. Referring back to the statement I made in the first paragraph about the Global Elite, I believe they intend to put things in the vaccine that will further their ability to control society, i.e. mercury and a microchip. A society in fear and/or pain is a threat. History proves that all it takes to bring down a ruling regime is for enough people to ban together to do so. With the Internet that would not be hard. Not only could we take down US leadership, it could become global.

A toxic level of a certain metal would effectively eliminate a portion of the population and a micro chip installed via a syringe would provide greater control over our minds. In order to accomplish their goal, the government is “spinning” the information about reported cases in order to dupe us into fearing for our health and that of our children so that we will take the vaccine. And, just in case we see through their game and refuse to play, they will threaten our livelihoods and prevent our children from attending school. So, the role the US Government is to play is to lie about the flu, try to dupe us into taking the vaccine and then threatening us if we don’t. I think that’s pretty clear.

Step 4: What is the aspect of us as a nation that the US Government is reflecting?

When answering this question the higher beliefs required are:

  • Life is our mirror.
  • What others do to us is what we do to ourselves.
  • Our beliefs determine our reality and our physicality.

The US healthcare system is a reflection of our individual healthcare systems. The US government is a reflection of our method of personal governorship. The national heath care system is an overburdened dysfunctional mess. Faced with the possibility of an even greater burden; one that might hasten its demise, it creates a quick fix. The government then steps in and forces the implantation of the fix. Any resistance is quelled through threats. Statistics don’t lie. We have forced an unhealthy system of care on our bodies. We are laden with toxins from food and drugs we have chosen of our own free will to consume. When our bodies cry out in pain (the language of the body), we seek a fix through an external healthcare system that only deals with the symptoms rather than the cause (our beliefs and associated fears). We quell any resistance from our bodies through various forms of medicating drugs and behaviors.

Step 5: What is the gift the US Government is giving us?

When answering this question the higher beliefs required are:

  • The gift is the lesson learned

When we realize that what the government is trying to do to us is exactly what we have done to our bodies, how can we continue to blame? They are simply trying to get control of a society that refuses to take care of itself and has placed the power for their health into their hands to a large degree. Though I don’t condone their methods, I certainly understand their reason. In fact, I thank them for creating this challenge because it has helped me get in touch with the ways in which I have abdicated responsibility for my health. As I write this I can feel the compassion in my thymus. It is a feeling of gratitude combined with appreciation for every person involved on both sides of this situation.

Step 6: Can I accept the role that this person has played, along with their actions, to help me learn this lesson?

When answering this question the higher beliefs required are:

  • Acceptance is unconditional love in action. This also includes acceptance of who the person is, without judgment. I find that when I am having a hard time with this step that I can clear it when I remember they are a soul in a body like me, and we are helping each other with a lesson.

I can accept responsibility for my part in co creating this event because I understand that this event provides an opportunity for me to regain my power over my health choices — power I had given way without realizing it.

Step 7: Can we allow ourselves to let go of our anger towards the US Government in this matter?

I can’t speak for anyone else, but yes I can. If I’m honest with myself, I must acknowledge that I, too, have acted irrationally when faced with the threat of pain and/or financial ruin. The government and its healthcare system are just trying to survive in the face of a growing healthcare crisis.

Step 7: Can we release the US Government from blame in this matter?

Again, I can only speak for myself and yes, I can release them from blame. They are only reflecting back to me what I have done to myself many times.

Step 8: Can I be kind to the US Government in regards to this matter, and if so, how will I show it?

Yes, I can be kind and the way I am showing it is by writing this article. Furthermore, should the vaccine be enforced, I will not fight it because I will not fear it. Remember, the vaccine works on carbon based DNA. Carbon based DNA is dense due to the low frequency fears it contains. As I continue to clear my fears, they are released and my DNA changes. This means any chip or metal in the vaccine will have little or no effect because their frequencies are below that of mine. Hence the reason the Nibiruans are so focused on the need for emotional clearing.

What about the children?

As for our children taking the vaccine, once again, I speak only for myself. I feel that should my daughter be required to do so, she will be okay because I will provide her with a role model of someone who is not afraid. I will also explain why I choose not to resist or fight. I will explain that this is the price I must pay for contributing to the rising health care costs by not taking care of my body in such a way that I wouldn’t have had to resort to medications to deal with my pain. Now, you can decide how to handle it with your children. Will you teach them fear and anger or teach them through example how to own their power by being responsible for what has been created. Even though they may be toddlers, on a soul level they chose to come here and participate in this event for their own spiritual growth. Additionally should our children be forced to take the vaccine, it’s my belief that they have the DNA to withstand the vaccine.

This concludes the steps of the Formula. I hope I have completed it in such a way that it enables you, to release your fear and help alter the outcome of this event. Just as Neo in the movie, The Matrix realized that the bullets could not hurt him if he believed they weren’t real, I believe the vaccine will no effect if I respond likewise.

This is a game for soul evolution and just as every game is illusionary, we must begin to live and think the same. This will not be the last time such a situation occurs. To the contrary, there will many more and each one will alert us to yet another area in which we have relinquished our power. So if we respond by seeing this situation as an opportunity to wake up and compassionately reclaim the power over our health, along with agreeing to take better care of our individual health so the government doesn’t have to, we will find ourselves one step closer to a world in which we are truly free; a world we wish to leave to our children. Remember, it only takes 144,000 people having the same feeling to change reality.

Written October 5, 2009
Updated October 14, 2009