The God Pattern

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Well, I thought we’d have a bit of a breather but that does not seem to be the case.  I’ve been guided to research something called the “God Pattern.”  This is a name given by Quinn Micheals for an algorithm that is essentially the numeric representation of creation (think “as above, so below”).

As I was watching one of the videos that Quinn did on this subject, I got the message that we have the ability to create this algorithm in our bodies–via the thymus.  There is a lot to say about this numeric sequence and how we have the ability to create it. I’ll explain more on the call.

It’s my understanding that learning about this, and how it pertains to altering reality, our future and DNA Recoding and the Formula of Compassion (activates the thymus) is our next assignment.  To get you up to speed for tomorrow night’s call, I’m including links to Quinn’s videos.  Watch as many as you can, most are under 15 minutes.

Quinn Michaels – Tyler info

Road Trip

How everything began…google, Tyler, etc.

God Pattern

God Pattern – How to Use it

First Rule of the God Pattern

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