The Coming Galactic Alignment/Days of Darkness: Are you ready?

If you are reading this message then you are aware that the world did not end yesterday. Yep, we are all still here. And as explained in the past few weekly messages, the Shift of the Ages occurred as just another day. What did you do on the 21st? I’ll tell you what I did, I went dancing! Yesirree, got my glad rags on and went out and partied till 1am. I decided that I wanted to spend the last night of the Aquarian Age being as carefree and joyful as a child. For me that means dancing.

So what’s next? Well, what’s next is the big, big shift — the universal shift. This is the one where our planet, our sun, the central suns of our star system, and our galaxy all line up with the center of the universe. It’s like a horse race and all the horses are lined up at the gate. When this alignment occurs, we will move into the inner part of that band of pro-evolutionary energy known as the Photon Band and remain there for 1000+years, ushering in a new Golden Age.

It’s at this point that we experience the return of Christ or rather, Christ consciousness. It’s the Biblical parable of the 10 virgins and the bridegroom, but unlike the virgins who didn’t know when their guy would show up, thanks to modern technology we can track the movement of planets and thus know when an alignment could occur. The current consensus is that this universal alignment will occur between Dec. 23-25. I’ve added a link to a video that explains it better than anything I’ve seen.

At that point our planet will stop rotating for a short period of time and then begin again — in the opposite direction. This will cause the sun to appear to not rise or set. In some parts of the world, they will experience darkness while others will experience sunlight and still others will experience dawn or dusk. The Ancients tell us that this will continue for 3 days but I do not get a clear yes on that. What I’m feeling is that it can be a shorter time. I’m also not getting a clear yes that the alignment will occur starting tomorrow.

Regardless of when it does, we need to be prepared. Those who are oblivious will panic and you know what happens when humans panic; they tend to crash systems. The first thing they do is make runs on banks and grocery stores. So here’s what I’m doing. I’m preparing for a week of inconvenience. I figure it will take that long for people to realize that the world isn’t ending and pull themselves together. I’ve filled two 5 gallon gas cans and stored in my garage. I’ve also stocked a week’s worth of food and water and have cash on hand. That’s it.

Last but not least, I am preparing to help my neighbors and friends through this time. I intend to be the calm voice of reason.

Though our planet has experienced a shift in direction before, we have never experienced a universal alignment. As stated by the Ancients, it is something that has not occurred since the beginning of our universe and will not happen again. Isn’t it amazing and fortuitous that you and I are here to witness it — the beginning of a Golden Age.