The Children and the Doors of Heaven

Hello Fellow Compassion Creators,

I’ve been waiting for several days for the topic to discuss on our next call.  I was receiving pieces but it wasn’t until today that they all came together.  Its multifaceted which means it has many layers.  I’ll try to give you enough of an overview so that you can do your preparation (the video) should you choose to.

First, we will talk about how things are progressing in the overall ascension plan for Earth.  Secondly we will be discussing the role that the Schumann Resonance is playing in preparing us for a major frequency shift, a quantum one for some.  Next we will cover the role that the C-Virus is playing as the cover for the rescue the children trapped in sex trafficking and satanic sacrifice.  And finally, we will tie it all together by explaining the connection between the exposure of the child abuse and the unprecedented opportunity it will provide for everyone, including the children,  to access the highest level door that they can at the time of the shift based on their ability to integrate the most horrific pain and suffering we have ever known.

Below is a video I was guided to watch this morning (literally guided) that talks about the doors, along with other things.  It was the final piece that I needed to understand what to share with you on our call.  I feel this will be one of the most important templates we will ever make.

Talk with you tomorrow night.


Replay Link: