The Challenge of Trusting God/Guides

Today’s topic was inspired by a session with Kate, a wonderful person and client, this past week. Kate was struggling with trusting her Guides. I don’t know which one it was, there was a group of them, but the answer was just amazing … providing one of those Aha! moments that make counseling work so rewarding.

When I asked what the reason was for Kate’s challenge I was shown her parents and given a strong feeling of pain that included betrayal, rejection, abandonment and loss. These were the feelings that Kate felt as a child as a result of her parents’ parenting.

We are told that our parents were the first Gods/Guides in our lives. They come crashing down from the lofty pedestal that we place them on once we are old enough to understand the anger and hurt we feel when they break their word, abandon us or reject us. Yet, it never had occurred to me before to connect the two concepts. Once I did I realized the source of our challenge to let go and let God.

The way we were parented, the level of trust or distrust we feel towards them is what we will carry with us and feel towards God or our Guides as adults. If we had good parenting with parents that nurtured us, instilled integrity, self-respect and love, we have little challenge with trusting God, or whatever higher power we resonate with, as an adult. If on the other hand, we were abandoned, betrayed, shown through our parents’ actions that love was painful and that trust was something that could and would easily be forfeited, we grow up struggling to trust a higher power. What a revelation!

The rest of our session involved helping Kate reclaim her power from the parenting that she received. This involved using Contracts and Promises, the 2nd Key of Compassion first so she could see that not only did she choose her parents, she scripted their parenting roles. Why? In order to give her a perfect mirror of how she treated/parented herself and her Inner Child lifetime after lifetime. The goal, of course, was to eventually recognize this and release her parents from their respective roles and begin parenting herself better.

Once we completed this step, I then took Kate through the Formula of Compassion on her parents. The last part was providing steps to help her finally develop the trust she needed to follow her Guides and place her problems in their hands and let go. It was a powerful session and one I am personally grateful for because it helped me, too.

Thanks, Kate and a special thanks to your wonderful Guides.

That’s it for today, stay warm and dry!