The 9D Nibiruans’ Prediction

Today is the last day of January. Looking back over the month I am once again reminded that we are fully into the time of change for which you and I came to Earth.

In the 9D Nibiruans’ 2011 perspective, they indicated that something big was going to happen this year, something that would effect every man, woman and child on the planet. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about that prediction, wondering what they meant. During my 3-hour interview on Rumor Mill News Radio, Rayelan Allen, my host, and I discussed this topic. Rayelan felt the Nibiruans were talking about the monetary system changing. Though I agreed with her, nonetheless I felt there was something more … as though the monetary system was only part a broader, more far-reaching change. I felt that there would have to be something so that people felt so strongly and passionately about that it would create and sustain a cascade of change that would spread around the would in domino-like effect. (The Nibiruans referred to it a a cascade of change.)

I had no solid basis for this hunch yet it was an unshakable. In my many years of dealing with the Nibiruans, I’ve learned to listen to these intuitive hunches and be patient for them to manifest in physical form because they most certainly would. I didn’t have to wait long … only a day.

The leading story on yesterday’s evening news, the revolt in Egypt was the clue. Standing in front of the TV watching the video clips as the news anchor narrated, I felt I was seeing my hunch manifest. The Egyptian revolt was the second domino in a cascade of sweeping global change. Tunisia was the first. Muslim extremists were the instigators of this change and that in itself is another prediction or prophecy come true, not to mention a confirmation.

I recall sitting in church 30 years ago and being told that at the “End Times” the new order of things would begin in the East and spread around the world. Back then they said that the change would be instigated by a man wearing a turban. I can’t help but wonder if instead of the change being started by one man, it would be started by a religion. I don’t know of anything more capable of igniting change than religion. People will die for a religion as willingly as a devoted parent for a child.

I don’t feel that we will end up with Muslim extremism being the new order of things … there’s too much other energy coming onto the planet and already here to mitigate it. But, with that said, I feel this domino effect will continue, moving through other countries, toppling the order of things and finally lead to a radically different world than the one we know now.

So, the bottom line is this. The change we have all worked for is starting to take form in a big way. It won’t be easy but when it change of this magnitude ever easy? We can ride the waves of this change easier if we have done and are still doing our emotional clearing. Furthermore we can fulfill our missions to help humanity through these changes if we are centered and balanced.

Ask your guides to show you what you need to clear even though that they frighten you. they are waiting for your request. Ask for access to the tools and processes that will allow you to clear. Clearing the fear is how we ensure we don’t draw circumstances into our lives that give us more cause to fear. As your learn, share your experiences with others. Starting a book online … as a blog is an excellent way to provide assistance to others and fulfill your mission. I will do what I can to help you.