The 2nd Neural Net for Guide Communication: the Gift of DNA Recoding

It’s been a while since I wrote anything on DNA Recoding. I have to remind myself how important it is to not assume that people are as familiar with it as I am. Moreover, I had the thought that it was no longer relevant once we had crossed the galactic equator at the end of 2012. I was shown the error in my thinking this past week during one of the most riveting sessions I have had in years.


As I wrote last week, many of us on Earth came from the future into the past to fulfill a mission. Sometimes the mission calls for us to wake up rather early in the ascension process, while with others it requires a later call. Matt, a very intelligent and well-spoken man, was one of those late awakeners.

Matt came to me to get help understanding a very odd experience he had had several months ago. As he explained, he was contacted telepathically by a voice asking permission to scan his mind. Having readily given permission, Matt said he felt physical sensations as his brain was canvassed by an unseen object. Once complete, Matt was told that a transfer would take place. (I’m paraphrasing here.) Again he felt physical sensations like tumblers clicking into place in a lock and then a buzzing sensation. Once complete, the transfer/transmission began.

Afterward Matt was informed that he would be given assistance in carrying out certain assignments, if he chose to accept. Matt again agreed. Before long he had sold his home, semi-retired his law practice, and moved to California. There, through a series of synchronistic events, Matt has met people and had opportunities presented that are allowing him to fulfill his assignments. One even involves making a movie.

You would think that all was wonderful … and it was except for one thing–Matt could not hear his guides. Except for the initial meeting Matt had not been able to communicate as clearly as he did that first time. Along with wanting help understanding that first contact experience, Matt wanted help in guide communication.

Tuning inward, I was eager to learn the identity of his guides. They showed up quickly … a council of several rather strange looking beings (definitely not human). Speaking through one representative, their signal was loud and clear.

When asking about the first contact, they explained to Matt the whats and whys. This gave him the reassurance that it was a benevolent group with good intentions. As for the second question, this is where we had to dig in and explore.

Matt, with a brain that has what I would call “specific coding” was able to hear this group; we were told that he just had static on his channel that kept him from hearing clearly (my terminology). To develop more clarity he would need to be able to access all of his emotions (the language of the guides is the language of emotion.)

I knew from past experience that they were talking about *DNA Recoding. Why? DNA Recoding not only enables us to clear the static, it enables us to keep the channel clear and reach higher level guides. We keep the channel clear by working through issues in a new way–from the perspective of a multidimensional creator god/goddess rather than as a 3D human.

DNA Recoding Overview

To accomplish this a new set of beliefs must be accessed. Moreover they must be used repeatedly to the point that they become second nature.

As I explained to Matt, when we begin moving through the 9 levels of DNA Recoding, we are using higher dimensional beliefs (Keys of Compassion) along with a 9-step process that activates the multidimensional level of the thymus, to clear old pain. When the pain is brought into the thymus, it is transmuted into compassion. Compassion, as quantum science has now proven, is the frequency that turns DNA from carbon to crystalline. As each event is cleared, the DNA that corresponds to that event changes.

Going further I explained that as we begin clearing, using these new beliefs, we are developing new patterns of behavior: the behaviors of a creator god/goddess who is fully aware of his/her responsibilities in what is created. In essence, this is creating a second neural network in the brain; one that resides at a higher level.

It is this second neural net that allows for better clarity when communicating with guides. It is also this neural net that allows us to reach much higher level guides, as well as, those whose language is harder to translate. In both cases, the 2nd neural network allows for clearer communication.

Back to Matt and his guides.

Matt had asked if his guides were Nibiruans. I was informed that they were not, but they were connected to the Nibiruans in that they had asked for help from the Nibiruans. It was the Nibiruans that developed the DNA Recoding program in part to enable starseeds to better communicate with their home worlds. Matt’s guides though not necessarily of a higher level, are of a species that is different enough to create a communication challenge. In short, their language was so different, they needed help and felt the 2nd neural network would make the difference. That is why Matt was guided to me.

In closing, I stand corrected about the relevancy of DNA Recoding. As Matt’s guides showed me, the demands of creating this new reality make having clear and accurate communication more important than ever.