Taking a Leave of Absence

There’s no weekly message this week … sorry. I’ve decided to take some time off in order to grieve. I lost my little brother, Keith on July 27th. Needless to say my family is still in shock as his death was so unexpected. We are comforted by the having spent time with him at our family gathering over the July 4th weekend. Those photos are priceless.

Keith’s death is the 3rd passing in my family in less than 3 years. Though I know that many of us will be experiencing multiple passings within our immediate families as the dimensions continue to separate during this ascension process, nothing can really prepare us for the loss.

I leave this week to meet my oldest brother in Colorado where we will put Keith’s affairs in order. I’m not sure how long I will be there. Afterward I intend to return home and allow myself to grieve.

I may be back in a couple of weeks or it may be longer … I can’t say right now–grief has its own timing.

Please note that the monthly teleconference on August 17th is cancelled. As for the Emotional Clearing workshop in September, I will keep it open for now. I’ll update you, via the website homepage, on that towards the first of September.

In the meantime, please take advantage of the wealth of information already available. With over 500 pages with over 100 being articles, the Nibiruan Council website is a virtual galactic, multidimensional resource center. There’s also 2.5 years of weekly messages available in the weekly messages archives. You can access them via the link on the homepage under weekly messages. Much of the information is timeless.

Thank you for all of your love and support.