Supporting the New Timeline

Thanks that all who sent emails inquiring if I was okay because they didn’t receive a message from me last week. I’m totally okay, just thought I’d take a week off and allow the latest message about what is going on in our world get out there a bit. For those who passed it on, thanks for doing so.

In the interim, I’ve been checking out Aweber’s new email editor and templates. Found this one and thought I’d give it a try. Perhaps now those of you who use gmail, along with those who have been saying that you aren’t getting the messages, will get them. Yes, it is not as colorful, and many features I’m used to are not available, but perhaps it’s good enough to get the job done. Your feedback is appreciated.

So here we are again … time for another message. What’s been coming up for me is being conscious of my mental state on a daily basis so that I positively energize and support the new timeline. For those who may be new, the timeline I’m referring to is that of a more positive future, one that sees peace instead of war, free energy, a new economy, and a restored planet. It’s the new world that we intend to leave for future generations.

So how do we stay positive? And if we find ourselves feeling negative, what can we do to rebalance? What keeps us positive differs from one person to the next so I’ll just share what works for me.

Slowing Down

Like many of you I seem to be going so fast these days. I wake up and before I know it, the day is gone. Such a fast pace can leave me feeling stressed which then leads to a emotional slump. I find that I am able to regain a positive outlook by slowing down. I consciously make myself walk slower as well as breathe deeply. When I do this I notice that not only do I feel a sense of relief (my Inner Child speaking), I find that relief creates an instant upswing in my mood.

Morning Blessings

People that we love and cherish are transitioning and in greater numbers than previous years. Sometimes their timing leaves us feeling blindsided. Surprising deaths that catch us unawares can cause so much pain and confusion, we cannot cannot breathe.

As many of you, I’ve experienced much personal loss with the death of my dad and brother Keith during the last 3 years. Normally an upbeat person who awakes each day in a good mood, the last few years have seen me struggling to stay out of the sadness. My struggle to get beyond the grief has led me to realize how fragile my emotional state can be. One of the ways I’ve found to prevent the pain that used to show up and take me over as soon as I woke up was to speak to my departed loved ones and send them blessings. As soon as I wake I say, “Good morning Dad, good morning, Keith. I wish you both much joy and happiness today. And Keith, I wish to beautiful rainbows.” A warmth fills my heart as I say or think the blessings bringing a smile to my face. I notice that the mornings I remember to do this result in being able to maintain a positive attitude during the day.

Going further, I find I get more of a lift out of giving the blessings than by repeating 5 things I am grateful for. Perhaps it is the act of giving rather than the feeling of receiving that makes the difference.

A New Kind of Relationship

Back to our departed loved ones … I’ve come to the understanding that many who have crossed over in the last 10 years still wish to be of assistance. As you and I know, death is not the end; just a transition to another realm. Many who have crossed wish to continue to assist us. Perhaps they feel they do more from the other side than they were able to do while still on Earth. I have received strong, clear confirmation that my dad and brother want to communicate and want to help. My brother has often reminded me that he wants me to call on him. With all that we face as we move through the remaining months of this great shift, I have happy to have their assistance. And having them around is comforting and lifts my spirits when I am down. Here’s an example.

About a month ago, I received help from my departed brother, Keith. I had gotten home around 6pm. I was tired, feeling rather deflated after a day of difficult challenges and didn’t want to go walk the doges. Suddenly, out of the blue I got a spurt of energy. I got off the couch, donned my tennis shoes, leashed up the dogs, grabbed my iPod, and took off.

A few blocks up the street I was about to turn left, as was my habit, when I suddenly decided to turn right. About 100 feet away, I looked up to see the most beautiful rainbow; I would not have seen it had I turned left. My brother popped into my mind at that very second while the song on my phone changed to, Sunshine on My Shoulders. That was the song he loved and the one he said would alert me that he was near. But I didn’t need the song to tell me Keith was with me because every cell of my body began vibrating in an almost indescribable feeling of as I felt myself being hugged. That changed my attitude immediately and I almost floated through the rest of the walk.

I’m sure there are other things that work to keep our spirits up but regardless of how we do it, the important thing is that we find ways to stay upbeat. Our positive energy feeds the new timeline and helps to neutralize the negative energy the “Powers that Be” want us to emit in order to feed the old (their) timeline. It is totally up to us as to whether we manifest the new reality we want, and each day what we are feeling … and emitting makes a difference.


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