Stress and Money

Was talking with a client this past week who is about to go through a divorce. Sylvia (not her real name) had decided that the stress of twisting herself into knots in order the be the wife her husband wanted, was more than she could take. Giving away her power to a man who referred to himself as “the dictator” in order to have someone to support her kids was taking a tole on her health and them. As the saying goes, they all walked on eggshells waiting for the next explosion. Taking responsibility for her past choice she was now ready to extricate herself and her babies to begin a new life.

Naturally Sylvia was concerned that she would be able to provide for them (the reason she married in the first place) and wanted assurance from her guides that she would be able to do it. I explained that the guides will not tell her if she will be able financially support herself (they’d have to control her free will), but they can give her ways to ensure that she is able to do so. They requested I explain the concept of the “Energy Account” and how when we keep our account in good standing, money will flow.

Brief explanation of the Energy Account. The Energy Account is the account we each have and that we fill each day with life force from the universe. It is this life force/energy that keeps us alive and allows us to create whatever we choose. When the account is in good standing, meaning there is energy in it at the end of each day, we remain healthy and can manifest new projects and manifest money. When we become chronically overdrawn, we experience ill health and financial hardship. (For further detail of the Energy Account, read 9D Nibiruan Council Perspective on Money and Ascension)

Sylvia and I continued our conversation. At one point she told me that she had agreed to sit down with her husband and explain to him all the reasons that she was leaving and why she felt the marriage wasn’t working. This decision was in response to her husband’s request to fix whatever was wrong. Sylvia was asking her guides if they felt having this meeting with her husband would be a good idea. The guides did not give her a yes or no, instead they proceeded to explain the role of stress on the energy account. I was so excited by the information I just had to share it with you.

We all have our issues with flowing money. I sure do. And though I have applied this energy account method with success (l live by it now), there were still times when even though I felt I was doing things right, keeping my energy account at the appropriate level, I still experienced money blocks. Eventually, I’d discover that relationship stress was the cause. Now, one could say I should have been able to spot those. Well–most of the time you can except when you are rationalizing away the irritation the relationship is causing.

Back to Sylvia and her proposed “Here’s what’s wrong with you and us, honey” meeting. I said, “Sylvia, the most important thing for you right now is to focus on keeping your energy account adequately filled. That way you will ensure that you will have sufficient money. Keep in mind that if you have this meeting it will require a significant withdrawal from your energy account for that day. You are already stressed out with all this change and the fear of your husband has cost you many sleepless nights. And to make matters more challenging, you are now starting a new law practice so it is imperative that you keep your energy account filled.

Now, you can do what you want to do, you’re going to do it anyway, but just think about how much stress that meeting is going to be and stress of any kind drains an energy account faster than anything else. You know the meeting won’t end when you are both done talking. No, it will continue on in your head over the next few days. You’ll continue replaying it, going over what he said and you said, and what you should have said and why didn’t you say it. Combined with the anger and frustration meeting will cost you the equivalent of 3 days of energy. All things considered, is it really worth it?”

Needless to say, neither Sylvia or I had thought about how stress drained our energy accounts. I felt very grateful to her guides for that nugget of wisdom.

In closing, if you experiencing a money block but are doing everything else right, including being grateful and giving to others. If you are keeping your energy account adequately filled but still have a problem, take a look at the relationships in your life and ask yourself if you are overlooking some irritation. If so, address it. You’ll know it was the right decision if you experience a sudden flow of money.