Staying the Course

Hi All,

Here we are with less than a week left in the month of October.  Seems that many are losing steam and struggling to continue trusting “the Plan.”  I can empathize because it can be frustrating when time after time we find we’ve been given misinformation by those we are told are working to liberate us.  Makes it hard to stay the course, especially when it seems the course is just another dead end.

When I view our situation from the higher perspective of Ancient Elders, the time healers and travelers, I see it in light of Humanity’s galactic history.  What I see is that we have been here before, just as it seemed things were spinning so far out of control that we became overwhelmed, we lost our direction and then just gave up…

So here we are again, another planet, another chance.  Will we stay the course this time?  Will we keep our wits about us as others around us lose their’s?

I feel we can if we work together, talking and sharing our feelings.  We need to vent every so often, to release some of the frustration — a group emotional clearing session.  So, that is what tonight’s call will be, a chance to let off a little steam so we can regain our balance and forge ahead.  Should be very theraputic.

See you tonight.

Speak later at the compassion creator call.


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