Staying in the Flow

I woke up yesterday morning, the morning after the full moon eclipse, feeling as though the world just wasn’t right. Nothing in my personal world had changed, only my mood. Moving through the day I felt slightly irritable but for no apparent reason. Work? “Forget about it, I say to myself. I just don’t care.” (Thank goodness I work from home and can take time off as needed.)

By noon I decided the day was over for me and so I went upstairs, wrapped myself in a blanket and laid down for a long nap. I recall thinking as I lay there about to drift into sleep, how absolutely unthinkable my behavior would have been even a few short years ago. I’d never be able to give myself permission to just blow off a day and go back to bed, but things have changed. We are in different times now, the period known to the ancients as the great “Shift of the Ages.” During this time we can achieve tremendous spiritual growth and see that manifest as better health, improved finances and relationships but it requires that we flow rather than push to make things happen. Below are the three techniques that I have found to be effective in staying in the flow.

Do your emotional clearing

Nothing impedes flow more than stuck emotions. Right now we are essentially purging our inner world of all the old anger, shame, guilt, resentment and bitterness that we have held on to for literally ages. It’s coming to the surface through the events designed to trigger it. Sometimes we are very clear, receiving vivid memories of past events that we had long forgotten. Other times, they rise to the surface with no memory attached. On those days we just feel anxious, uneasy and unreasonably sad. Let the feelings flow. Give them a voice by talking about them with safe others. If there’s anger, physically release it. I use a child’s foam-padded baseball bat and hit pillows, yelling and cussing as I pump the anger out. It feels so freeing!

Ask for guidance and follow the signs

It’s my opinion that we were not meant to move through these times alone. We all have guides and angels to show the way. They want to help. All it takes is calling on them. When having to make a choice I say to them, “Please show me which choice would be for my highest good and do it in 24 hours or less and in a way I can’t possibly miss.” (They really love the challenge!) Next, I wait for the signs which will show up in the allotted time and in a myriad of ways. Sometimes they will appear as something that someone says or something that I read. A sign can also be synchronistic event. Here’s a secret about signs. They will appear to you, you don’t have to look for them. They will make themselves known to you, you just have to keep your eyes and ears open and your intuition tuned to receive them.

Let go and go play when things are not working

It’s very common when we are in the flow, to begin pushing to brings to completion. Completion provides a clear path and by its very nature assures us that we are on the right track. Now it appears that pushing in really backfiring on us. Even a little pushing very quickly results in an big, stuck and jumbled mess. Deals won’t come together, people dilly dally around making decisions…I declare it makes me want to tear my hair out sometimes! When that occurs, I have learned that it’s a sign to let go and go play. Letting go unbinds the hand of our guides and angels and enables them to sort out the mess we’ve made and bring everything to completion. Playing resets the 2nd chakra, the seat of our creativity. Many times I have found that the next day after I have let go and gone out and played, the things I was trying to make happen just fall into place and in a better way that I could have ever imagined.

The uncomfortable energies of yesterday have moved out and today is a better day. I feel able to work again. Heck, I’m actually writing an article! Haven’t done that in quite a while. That only serves to remind me that when I stay in the flow, my creativity flows and things work out better. I hope these techniques will be as effective for you as they have been for me.

Jelaila Starr

Written August 29, 2007