Starseed Missions: Confirmation Signs

For those of you who are currently working your mission, recognizing a new assignment is no big deal. A series of synchronistic signs appear and before you know it you understand what to do. But sometimes we receive a sign that really blows us away; one that is so “in our face” that we cannot possibly misunderstand. I call this type of sign a “confirmation sign.” In this week’s message I’ll share about confirmation signs using my own story as an example. I’ll also explain how to proceed once you get a new assignment.

As I understand it now, my new assignment involves providing support and training for starseeds. Since we were not given a handbook on how to do this, its been up to those of us well versed in the work to show the way.

Though I’ve been working with starseeds for the majority of my 20 years in this work, I’ve done so while working on other projects involved in my mission. Now, with that mission completed, I’m free to devote my energy to just starseed training.

Of course, this means I won’t be retiring like I had hoped. In fact the thought had repeatedly crossed my mind these last few weeks that I retirement wasn’t in the plan. After all, why would you put a seasonsed starseed out to pasture, so to speak, when the demand for support is so greater than ever?

On that note, the reason the demand is greater now is that the largest number of starseeds ever to be awakened has occurred. I believe it began at the 11:11 stargate back in November of 2012. And again, it wasn’t just the young ones, but many older people in the 50s and over. You could call it a mass awakening; the largest one to date. Yet there is more to having us veteran starseeds help out. Many are struggling and more so than in the past. Back to the story.

My confirmation sign appeared yesterday afteroon. It was a message delivered by none other than a policeman . Yep, I opened the front door to find Erick (not his real name) standing on my front porch dressed in full police garb. Needless to say I was quite taken aback. I had no idea why a cop would show up at my house. Then, to add to my surprise he said, “You don’t know me but I know you.” Okay I gotta admit, that was a little creepy. There was a moment when I was ready to send him on his way but something stopped me. I felt I needed to hear him out.

Erick quickly calmed my concerns by explaining that he was interested in my work and had tried to reach me but could not get through. Since he was working in the area he decided to stop by and introduce himself. Something told me that this was legit so I invited him in. We talked for close to an hour.

Erick informed me that he came to deliver a message; we are to work together as part of a group … to build a sanctuary for starseeds. This sanctuary will provide the above mentioned support and training so that we don’t lose the ones that are having a tough time.

I knew this to be true because the session I’d had just 3 days before still left me unsettled. It was with a young starseed in his mid 20s. After years of contact with his off-world group, he was left angry, bitter and ready to take his own life. I could tell by what his questions that this young man had been laboring under many misconceptions about working with off-world groups and missions. It would take time to untangle it all. But this young man was so far gone that he didn’t want to listen. He demanded to be returned home and if that was not possible, he would end his life. As he said, “I may not end up back home, but at least I won’t be here anymore!”

My heart broke for him and for his family. His father had paid for the session with the hope that it would help his son. But his son needed more than I could give in one hour. That session continued to haunt me and was still on my mind 3 days later when Erick showed up.

How to Proceed

Now that I am sure of my new assignment, what do I do about it? Nothing. What I mean is that once I understand and accept the mission, I don’t have to do anything about it. The next step in is my guides hands. All I have to do is stay open and say yes when the people, money and opportunities begin showing up. That’s the thing about missions, each assignment has a plan and in that plan is included all it needs for success written into the plan. That means that if a sanctuary is to be built, the money will show up. If other teachers are to be involved, they will show up (and they already are). Everything that is needed will show up. The key is to have patience and wait; don’t jump the gun and try to make thing happens.

Okay, that’s it for this week. If you are awakened and are wondering about about your next assignment, ask your guides for a confirmation sign. It will be undeniable.