Starseed Messages Sent From Home

Many years ago, towards the start of my mission, I was told that the entertainment industry would be utilized to send messages to us from our respective home worlds. The inspiration behind certain TV series and movies was to fire the codes and awaken specific starseed groups they were guided by their soul’s urgings to complete certain assignments. I can’t help but think that perhaps the 1987 event known as Harmonic Convergence came about in this way. Before that 1987 event we had Star Trek and it’s precursor Lost in Space. How many of you rushing home from school to watch them?

Then there was the next phase, so to speak. In the mid to late 90s we had the Matrix, and more Star Trek series. These were followed by the movies, The Millinneum Man and A.I. Again, more starseeds were awakened. With each round of movies, shows and games, another group or groups are awakened.

Though I have known this for some time, I was given more information about it and asked to share it with you. This information came from the guides of a young man I counseled this past week. Andy, (not his real name) had requested counseling in order to find out what most starseeds yearn to know, why is he here on Earth, what is his mission and how should he go about doing it? Andy’s quest had begun after discovering the video game, The Nine Gates.

When I tuned into Andy’s guides I was surprised to find that he had a rather sizable crowd of them. They were still filing in when I made the connection. A few in the front row waved at me while sending a warm greeting. They were in a celebratory mood, much like NASA’s Mission Control celebrating after the successful launch of a rocket. *Ahhh, so warm and welcoming*

Andy’s guides were celebrating the success of having awakened him, getting him through the first stage of his training (using the Nine Gates philosophies) and then on to his first formal reconnection with them through our session. Heck, I was ready to celebrate with them!

Once everyone had settled down, we began the serious work. They explained that, yes, they had led Andy to the 9 Gates game because it was inspired by one of their own. They then went on to explain how story of the 9 Gates was the story of their home world and the lessons that needed to be learned in order to change the future. (Andy, like most starseeds came from the future into the past in order to change a timeline.) They then encouraged me to share insights from the session for the benefit of all starseeds.

Picking out the Messages

There are clues to your stellar origins, history, mission, and personal spiritual growth work to fulfill that mission. The key to recognizing what is yours is how strongly attracted you are to the show, movie or game.

Stellar origins – Note what star systems if any are used in the movies, show or game you are most strongly drawn to. Though some may appear to be made up names, they may be accurate or at least close to the real name of your home world or star system.

History – The story of the movie may be very close to the history of your home world.

Mission – The solution to the problem in the show may very well be the purpose behind your mission.

Personal Growth Work – It has been my experience that each mission involves personal growth through emotional clearing. Part of the gift we are given is to be able to come to a planet where we have the free will to recreate the circumstances that eventually led to the problems we have now traveled back in time to change.

So how do you determine what the issues are? You’ll find the answers by observing the adversary in the movie, game, etc. The adversary will have the same beliefs and fears that you came to work through. To say it another way, the adversary will be a mirror for you, mirroring back the behaviors that you need to change. Once you can see those same things in yourself, and change them, you will have achieved your goal, altering the timeline.

Of course there is more to this, but space does not permit me to share it all. You’ll find a lot of information, along with real life examples in the book, Mission Remembered.

In closing, when be begin to think beyond the matrix, we realize we are not alone. Our starseed families are with us, sending us messages and in a way that allows us gracefully receive them.