Soul Riches

Lynn Johnson-Soulier

Visited with a good friend of mine this past week. Lynn and I have known each other for 20+ years. We met in 1995 at a Chamber of Commerce networking function just prior to the start of my original mission. Lynn was a graphic designer at the time. Now she is a very skilled and knowledgeable healer and herbalist.

As we sat having tea and scones on her massive front porch, (love that porch!) we talked about all the struggles and challenges we have faced. Would we have done our missions had we known what we would go through? Geez!

The conversation then turned to where we are now in our lives: both post-mission. As we compared notes were realized we are where many of us “First Waver’s find ourselves: more time on our hands to do our personal work while still quietly working in the background maintaining what we had built during our respective missions. In doing so we hit upon a new perspective: soul riches. I’ll explain.

Soul Riches

As we both have learned, missions are funded based on a plan (developed prior to our coming to Earth), but as the mission draws to an end, the finances dwindle. This dwindling effect, along with a noticeable decline in new opportunities, are two of the signs that a mission, or mission phase, is ending. From that point until the next mission or phase begins, finances will be hit and miss. So we have two distinct yet slightly different experiences here. The first is the final period of a mission or phase and the second is what I call a lull, the period after the mission or phase has ended and before the next one begins. In both instances, what we experience are periods of lack followed by bountiful windfalls.

Though these periods are tough they are very important because they provide us our personal growth opportunities. Through them we have the opportunity to acquire more trust, confidence and faith. Trust in our guides, faith that our needs will be met, and confidence in our ability to manifest. The bountiful windfalls occur as a result of our efforts to express joy and gratitude, both powerful manifesting frequencies even when things appear to be at their worst.

Lynn and I both agreed that had we had money through every part of our time here, we would not have developed the amount of soul riches that have have now. In that moment we once again realized the real purpose of our difficult times; we were building up a vast store of soul riches, faith, trust and confidence. And what is even better is that these riches are the kind we will take with us when we return to spirit because they are banked in our hearts.

In closing, as the old saying goes, you can’t take it with you, in this case you can because they are riches acquired for the soul. Many thanks to my good friend and fellow teacher, Lynn for a lovely afternoon and another inspiring perspective.