Something Big about to Drop?

Just when I thought we were going to be twirling our thumbs for a few more days, events are popping like crazy.

Just in the 24 hours we have seen the following:

Now, usually when we get one big event at a time, and usually when the Cabal is trying to distract us from something they don’t want us to see.  Why two big events?  Could it be because something big is about to drop, and that the information will be very damaging to them?  Take a look at the following video.

Something Big is about to Drop –

If what is about to be released is as big as what we are being told, then yes, it would take two big event to distract the unsuspecting from it.  And if this is true, then does that mean the “Summer of Blood” events that we have been told about are beginning?  Let’s discuss it on our next call.

See ya Monday,


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