Schumann Resonance and the Toilet Bowl Effect

Hi All,

Interesting title, eh?  Well, if you are like me you may very well be feeling like someone or something is messing with your emotions these days, so much so that it feels as though you are being pulled up into high highs only to have those suddenly flushed away.  It feels much like someone using a plunger.

To be a little more descriptive, it feels as though our emotional baggage is being plunged/pulled up from deep within our emotional field. Once up, or as it is coming up, we feel off our game, so to speak, irritable, unsettled, and in some cases down right angry.  Then once we have cleared it, we feel good again, happy, energized and balanced.  These good feelings last until the next plunge when the cycle starts again. Aargghh!

From what I’ve been finding it has a lot to do with the Shumann Resonance (aka heartbeat of the planet).  It’s been on a massive roller coaster ride taking us along with it.  This past weekend it went way off the rails hitting 110 htz.  Check out this video about the spike that began last Friday.

Video link:

Many have reported having headaches, fatigue, low grate fever, irritability and over all ache and pains.  Sounds like the ascension symptoms we used to complain about many years ago when many of us began our spiritual journeys.  Seems the world is now going through them and the intensity is increasing…

I feel it would be a good idea to discuss this if for no other reason to help gain some clarity around what is ours and what we may be picking up in the mass consciousness since many of us are empaths.

Talk with you tomorrow night.


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