Resurrection and a Death Blow

Hi All,

What a difference a week makes!  There is a lot to share about the events that have transpired this week.  I won’t define them here (due to censoring) but if you’ve been following the news, you know of which I speak.  We will also do a little emotional clearing so that we are all ready to fully experience the benefits now available to us.  Should be a very, very exciting call.

talk with  you tomorrow night,


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Call Notes:  This call focused on expressing the fears and concerns that people are feeling as we live through this storm; it is getting very intense now.  The purpose was to clear them and offer solutions.  There was a lot of good info shared from all sides.  After having the discussion, it was decided to wait until  next week to share the info on resurrection and a death blow.  The reason for this decision was that it was better to leave the people with the information on dealing with the fears and triggers so as not to dilute it with info on a separate topic.

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