Respecting Family Differences

Was surprised to see the number of responses and the 470% viral lift to last week’s message. Thanks to all of you who passed it on. It’s so critical that we get a positive message out there in order to minimize the unnecessary fear around Nibiru’s return. Because of your efforts, I am no longer a lone voice crying in the wilderness.

Seems I alternate between world/galactic news and emotional clearing. After doing this for the last 3 years, it appears that is a good balance. All the intellectual and/or galactic knowledge in the world won’t enable us to ascend because ascension occurs as a result of emotional clearing. Since last week was about Nibiru, we return to emotional clearing. This week’s topic, respecting family differences, is one that is very personal, but I feel it may be helpful so here goes.

Drove out to western Colorado this past week to attend the funeral of my brother Keith. For those who may be new to the weekly messages, my younger brother took his life last summer after battling severe depression for nearly most of his 53 years. Words cannot adequately describe how our family felt. The pain of knowing our little brother was out there in the remote wilderness of southwestern Colorado, day after day, through the burning heat and freezing winter, made it impossible to heal from his loss.

Three months after Keith went missing, San Miguel County Search and Rescue officials noticed a white Ford F250 truck. They do a regular aerial sweep of the area looking out for stranded hikers When they came upon the truck two weeks later, noticing it had not moved, they called for a ground search. Running the license plate they discovered it belong to a man who had been missing since July 27th. After 2 days of searching they have finally given up. On May 14th nearly 9 months later, Keith’s body was discovered–by my older brother, Tim.

Yes, it was all over the news in western Colorado. After praying for a sign from Abba (Tim is part of the Hebrew roots movement) a jet flew up over the mountain leaving a contrail behind. It’s tail ended at a point at the top of a cliff about a mile away. Somehow Tim knew it was the sign he had prayed for. Without help, he knew it would be unwise to try to get to the location so he took a picture and returned home to Texas with the intention of returning the following week.

A week later, now with the aid of an off-duty San Miguel Country search and rescue team member, Tim and his wife, Angie returned to the location. Following the photo they walked and climbed to top of the cliff. Just under an hour later they came upon the remains of our brother. Needless to say, authorities were stunned.

That was not the only miracle that day. A 40 to 50 mile an hour wind was normal for that area making it impossible to use a helicopter. That is what it would take to get Keith off the cliff, (it was around 400 feet above the desert floor). That day there was no wind!

Another miracle–the mountain was up a dirt road/trail that was about 15 miles off the nearest paved road. Normally this dirt road is impassable from late fall to early summer due to snow and rain. Tim[‘s first trip up took nearly 3 hours. Unbeknownst to us all, a road repair crew had come to grade it the day before Tim returned. That made it possible for the 15+ rescue team, sheriff’s deputies and coroners to get up there quickly once they were notified.

There is more but space does not allow me to share. Here’s what is important is this. Though each member of my family embraces a different religious or spiritual system, Keith’s death woke us up to the importance of family and the need to respect religious differences. In the 9 months since his death, we have worked to heal the old wounds that continued to separate us, cloaked in the guise of religious intolerance. I believe that being able to put family above religion, loving each other regardless of what version of God we pray to, is the truest test of our spirituality.

Keith was buried on May 23rd in a quiet little cemetery outside of Montrose, Colorado. Keith was born to his final resting place by Mike and Tim. He lay in a beautiful yet simple coffin lovingly made by Tim. Atop was a lovely spray of Colorado wild flowers.

My oldest brother Mike spoke of the resurrection, Tim gave praise to Abba and I, well I spoke of the love of family, feeling no need to assert my belief that Keith was still alive in spirit. I had no need to say that I believed that it was he, with the help of friends on the other side, that had orchestrated those signs. It wasn’t important. What mattered was that we were there as a family saying goodbye to our little brother.

I could sense him there, standing next to Mike, basking in the love of family, smiling that sweet, sweet smile.