Remembering What Is Important

Hi Everyone,

When thinking of what to discuss this week the thought, “remember what is important” came to me. So what is important? It is integration.

Pondering this I thought of what was covered on the last few calls, I think we are doing pretty good in that department. Yet, with that said, we must at times move out of the neutral point in order to fully feel the energies of polarity. So where am I going with this? Hmmm…
(I’m figuring that out as I write this.)

Where I’m going is remembering that hitting the neutral point requires we first step away from it into polarity. That way we can feel, really feel the pain in order to know truly know the event for which we are attempting to find that compassionate neutral point.

When reviewing what has been written here, it appears that the guys and gals upstairs would like us to further understand the mechanics of achieving the compassionate neutral point. No doubt therein a good reason which will be revealed tonight. Since it seems we do get bogged down in that at time, this should be both helpful and enlightening.

talk with ya soon,


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