Remembering All Who Have Helped Humanity

Hi All,

On Memorial Day we pause to remember the brave and courageous men and women who have given their lives to the cause of freedom. But there are others to thank as well, the ones that society does not see, much less recognize.

I’m talking about the thousands of starseeds who came to this planet to help humanity through the changes we are now in the middle of.

Many have sacrificed careers, reputation, friendships and their family relationships to help the cause. You are the invisible heroes who work against sometimes seemingly insurmountable odds, following faint and often barely perceivable guidance to fulfill the assignments of your respective missions.

You are the ones who work quietly in the background with little to no acknowledgement of your efforts. Each day you arise knowing that this may be another day in which you will have to face rejection or ridicule from those who just could not hold the vision. yet you soldier on. To me you are truly heroes and I am grateful you are here. Be proud, be brave and continue shining your light.

Wishing you wonderful and blessed Memorial Day,

The Nibiruan Council