Releasing Old Anger in Accelerated DNA Recoding

Recently the Council has requested that I assume the responsibility of assigning DNA Recoding Coaches to those seeking assistance moving through the Accelerated version of the DNA Recoding, Reconnection, and Activation Process. Overall, the response from the Recoders has been very positive, with the exception of a few. Those exceptions are very important and are the subject I wish to address on behalf of the Council, and of Joysia, Chief Genetics Engineer from the Sirian A Council and Head of the DNA Recoding Project on Earth.

Let me begin by saying that being a DNA Recoding Coach is a very rewarding and challenging service. Assisting another person in moving up to full (multidimensional), consciousness and, therefore, full empowerment is perhaps the greatest, most loving service one human can provide for another. Yet, it takes great patience, wisdom, compassion, and objectivity on the part of the Coach to assist another through this process.

Many times during the process the Coach will, at the request of the Recoder’s DNA Recoding Guide, trigger a portion of old anger in the Recoder. This may be very unpleasant for that individual due to their suppression of that anger through denial and their beliefs around anger. Many times the Coach bears the brunt of this triggering as the Recoder begins to lash out in denial of the anger. What I am seeing is the Recoders are very adamant about the fact that they don’t have any anger, and are angry (triggered) at the Coach for even suggesting they do. Please understand that being multidimensional also means loving one’s self. Each individual carries within them a sort of well. This well is usually full of anger. In order for an individual to achieve full consciousness they must drain (release) the anger from the well, so that it can begin being replenished with love. What I am saying here is that until your anger is released you cannot begin to feel self love.

Mankind has been taught that expressing anger is wrong. So when they go into the Accelerated DNA Recoding Process they attempt to go straight to compassion and skip the anger so as not to have to express it. I am here to say that this will only lengthen your recoding process and the only compassion you will feel is intellectual compassion. And we haven’t even mentioned the physical pain that suppressed anger creates. True heart-felt compassion comes after the anger has been expressed by you and released through your High Heart. Remember, the body is programmed to express all emotions. The cells of your body beg you not to delude yourself into thinking there are shortcuts around expression of the lower frequency emotions of anger, hate, lust, shame, and guilt. Your body can only recode the cells that have been cleared of these emotions . So, you see denial of these emotions is only harming you.

So once again, let me say to all those who read this and desire the accelerated version of recoding, that releasing the stored anger is a must for recoding. The physical body will not be able to increase its frequency unless the blocks of anger are triggered and released. The Formula of Compassion was given as the tool for releasing this anger, as well as other lower frequency emotions.

We have explained in Coach’s Training that the lashing out of Recoders is most likely going to happen. We have done what we can to mentally and emotionally prepare the Coaches for this situation. We have taught the Coach to not take the Recoder’s anger personally and to understand it is part of the process. Coaches, along with the individual’s recoding guide, trigger these lower frequency emotions based on how well the recoder can use the Formula. That way they are not being triggered to express more than they can handle, with the Formula, at one time.

A soon to be released article at this web site will cover the steps of how to express and release the emotions of hate, anger, blame, shame, and guilt.

So, in closing, please give your recoding coach a break the next time they assist you in triggering old anger. They have chosen this work out of love for all mankind. Please let them know their efforts are appreciated.