Redemption Template 2

Hi All,

Thanks for all the kind words regarding our new assignment: redemption templates. And I agree, it feels really, really good to be doing this kind of work.  This week we will be focusing on a person, though not the brains behind the caball, he/she has certainly been on of their key front people.  And I must tell  you now that I am finding it difficult to work on this one.  For one reason, I am more familiar with the actions of this individual (much has been written about him/her) so getting beyond all that to focus on this person as a soul  has been a wee bit challenging.  But, with that said, perseverance is the key (and remembering how to get to the higher perspective).

As you can see I am not stating the name of the person for whom the next template will be created. The reason for this, as well as, the reason why I’m not doing videos right now, is the heavy censoring going on.  Going a bit further, I was asked several months ago not to do videos in order  to ensure the website is not disabled or email/FB not restricted.  The Council wants to make sure that their message of unconditional compassion remains accessible to all.

Well, that’s it for now. I will see what information is given before tomorrow night.  Hopefully it will be just what is needed to do this redemption template.

Flying by the seat of my pants,


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