Recognizing the Signs of Your Next Step

Many of us are going through major life transitions while learning lessons at the same time. How do you know when an event is part of a series meant to alert you to the fact that a major life phase, or door, is closing and a new one opening? Furthermore, how do you recognize the beliefs that may be blocking you from opening that new door. Today’s message explains. To fully grasp how doors are given and opened, l will share my personal experience with you as I now realize I am about to close a door and open a new one. To fully grasp the concept, I’ll chronologically recount the events/signs.

First Sign

The first sign has been coming for a while but didn’t really catch my full attention until I did the monthly business close out. When I looked at the totals, I was astounded at how low the numbers were-the lowest in over a year. Dwindling finances are a normal when a door or phase ends since there is no reason to continue to support it.

The Second Sign

As you know from last week’s message, after the emotionally devastating event that occurred on Thursday, December 5th at my house, in which I hosted a networking group’s weekly gathering, I resigned from being Membership Coordinator. Now without a second income … and the family that I had grown to love, I felt adrift. That event was the first sign.

Third, Fourth and Fifth Signs

I went through the following weekend waiting for the next sign. It, plus the third, fourth and fifth signs, came the following Thursday. The third sign came just before a meeting with a business owner/mentor friend named Keith. (Coincidentally the name of my deceased brother.) I had hit upon a new idea for a networking group and wanted to run it by him. I was so excited because it would give me a way to really stay even more connected to the business community here in Kansas City (KC). Just before he arrived I received a text from my roommate giving me her 30 day notice. Talk about a bombshell!

I had been trying to rent out the second bedroom for 2 months but none of the applicants were a good fit. With finances dwindling, it was even more crucial to do this so that the mortgage got paid. Plus, keeping the rooms leased allowed me significant tax advantages. But now I was losing the only renter I had.

The fourth sign came that evening during a client’s session. In that session I did a bit of mediumship with my client’s sister who had committed suicide. Along with the sister a small child appeared. There were two very good validations that the spirits I was seeing were, in fact, the sister and daughter of my client. I ended the session once again wondering why I doubted my mediumship abilities. (I had always wanted to be a medium but felt that was not the gift I was given.)

That same night, the fifth sign appeared in the form of a dream. In that dream I met a young couple who had just lost their 2 year-old daughter after a long and painful illness. Standing in the living room of a house (did not belong to me or the family) I talked with the child’s spirit. Her parents had named her Rose. As I was talking with the grieving parents, Rose’s tiny body was wheeled into the room on a gurney. She was covered up to her neck in a white sheet. I looked down at her sweet face and noticed that the illness had taken its toll. Her porcelain white skin was mottled with dark streaks and her rosebud lips were gray.

I stood there talking to Rose, relaying her words to her distraught parents. She wanted them to know that she was okay and was happy to be free of the pain. I saw her in my minds eye, laughing and dancing in circles. She kept showing me pink rosebuds. Rosebud was her nickname. We talked for what seemed like several minutes. The thing she most wanted to make sure her parents knew was that she would be their angel now.

Sixth Sign

The sixth event/sign occurred 2 days later, Saturday, December 14th. To shorten this rather lengthy message, I’ll give only the most relevant details.

I had replaced the sump pump back in April, but on Saturday it blew a valve. It is installed underneath a carpeted wooden cover in the corner my finished basement, next to a fairly new sofa and recliner. The young plumber who came to work on it was inexperienced in sump pumps. Instead of moving the furniture, the full length curtains/sheers and the area rug, or at least covering them with plastic, he allowed the dirty water inside the pump to spew all over. There was muddy water splattered on the ceiling, the walls, the curtains, the mirror, the sofa, as well as, soaked into the carpet and area rug. And if that was not enough; a whole wall of electrical outlets were blown out when the water hit the electrical outlet the pump had been plugged into. Now I was facing the entire cleanup, plus the cost of an electrician. Needless to say, I was at the end of my rope.

After the plumber left, I gave into a meltdown. Screaming at my guides I said, “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?! What are you trying to tell me that I am not getting?!” Aarrrgh! Then came an intimate 15 minutes with the bat and pillows …

“Open Sesame!”

I had not talked to my friend, Julie, that day. We usually talk most every day. Julie is the one who did the most to help me through the loss of my brother. I called this time, mostly to have someone to talk to. (I’ve learned that when I am in the process of a meltdown, the way to get my mood out of the toilet was to talk to someone.)

Julie’s response to the sump pump fiasco was, “Sell the house … and move to Austin.” No sooner had she said it than I realized that was–the door! OMG! I my mind, I literally saw a door swing open. I was to sell the house and move to Austin where I would begin a new phase of work as a medium … something I feel would be a real reward for my work with the Nibiruan Council. And I love Austin! It was one of 2 places on the list when it was time to leave California. (full details in, Mission Remembered.)

Suddenly all the events of the last weeks made sense. Dave blindsiding me during the networking event … and in such a way that I finally quit. Symbolically that was showing me how I kept throwing myself under the bus in order to have something that I thought I needed, but really didn’t support me. The dream about being a medium, which showed me that I could do it, I just had to trust myself. And then the sump pump. It blew the valve because the outside line had frozen causing pressure. Symbolically, it represented me unable to move forward because of stuck emotions caused by beliefs.

So what were the beliefs?

  1. I could not leave Kansas City because my daughter is here. Truthfully, she has shown me that I am on the sidelines of her life. I see her maybe once a month and usually I am the one who initiates. So my staying is because I would feel guilty to leaving her to go and live my life.
  2. I needed the members of the Marty because they were bonded like a family. Having lost 3 members of my own, I did not think I could let the Marty family go.
  3. Again, being a medium is something I believed I would not be able to do–ever!

The Seventh Sign: Confirmation

After my phone call to Julie and finally recognizing the door, I went online and began looking at houses. Julie had already told me where to look. I pulled up the map on and clicked on a house for sale. Guess what? It had rose-colored brick! I knew when I saw that color that it was not only the final sign, but also confirmation that I had truly opened the door. Now I could relax … this hell is over. Whew!

Now that the door is open, I know the funds will flow to support a move. The house will also sell. But where does that leave the Nibiruan Council? I feel in my heart that the door is closing in that area. We are all moving into this new reality that is just about to manifest so my work, such as it was, is about done. Though I don’t have the exact timing, based on past experience with opening and closing doors, it won’t be long before things wind up here … maybe 2 months.

In closing, I know I am not the only one experiencing a door closing while waiting for another to open. If you are in that position, I hope my story will help you find your way.