Q & A – Waiting for the Next Assignment

Hi all,

We will be having a Q & A session this week while we  await our next assignment.  I find them to be fun quite enlightening as people share their latest research and other tidbits.

It seems we have them more often now that we have completed the greater part of our work (at least that is how it appears now).  As I have begun to do, I will again post call notes at the end so that you will know what was discussed.  Talk with you tonight!

Speak later at the compassion creator call.


Call Replay Link


Call Notes

Future Communities. People who have a higher consciousness will feel drawn to be in communities that will form outside of the cities.  Cities will be more for the 3D people while the new communities will be for those of the New Earth.  More info on the recording.

Second topic was history lesson on just who was behind the destruction of the matriarchal tribes and why. Part of my ongoing research around Marduk and why he chose to team up with the nefarious portion of the Etheric Sirians, the ones behind the scenes and in control of the Cabal.