Q & A and a Deep Dive on the Nephilim

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Finally have the topic for tonight’s Compassion Creator call.  It is be a Q&A on current events, and if there is time, I will share some interesting research about the nephilim.

In regards to the nephilim, I was guided this weekend to listen to hours of documentaries on the Vikings, Huns, and Goths, as well as, the fall of Rome and what went on during the so called Dark Ages.  This led me to put together pieces I was given by the 9D Nibiruans over 20 years, but did not know how to fit them together until now.  Yep, it is a deep, deep dive.

It appears that the timing is important what with the info on c_hild s_crifi_ce coming to light more and more.  I cannot help but think that if this theory (I’ll call it that for now), is any way near correct, it will help us greatly in achieving our greatest act of compassion–the integration of the most horrendous deeds.  As I understand it, when we can find compassion for the most extreme aspects of the dark, we will not only have learned how to reclaim all aspects of our power from those whom to which we gave it out of fear, we will be able to assist others in doing so as well.   It is the epitome of Hold on To Nothing and You’ll have Everything. (The 4th Key of Compassion)

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Replay Link: https://fccdl.in/bmpiyGJkSp

Research Links:

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