Pushing Your Inner Child Creates a Block

In last week’s message I wrote about how to recognize an emotional block by seeing the signs of it in the events of our lives. My example was a real life situation I was in at the time that involved getting a $70 fine for walking my dog off leash in an on leash area. Today’s message follows up on that situation and what it looks like when you actually clear the block. It is my hope that my experience will provide a valuable clue to clearing any blocks you may have at this time. This is especially helpful right now since we enter both the holiday season (stress inducing) and a time of inner reflection. Clearing blocks right now can dramatically alter how you experience the holidays, as well as, improve your finances, health, relationships and well … just life in general.

As I wrote last week, I’ve realized that my normal reflective time has been anything but quiet. This is due to a series of challenges that occurred in rapid succession since the first of November. (A normal reflective time would be free of disquieting challenges.) Without going into great detail, I found that my world was totally blocked up. I’ve been in a successful weight reduction process that has completely stalled, finances are blocked, and finding a new roommate, (my former roommate unexpectedly gave notice) usually fairly easy, has been unsuccessful. It seemed that no matter what I tried, I was blocked. Blocked, blocked, blocked at every turn. Geez!

So, feeling totally frustrated, I wrote in my journal yesterday morning, I feel that no matter how hard I try, I cannot make things work and I keep getting whacked by life. What’s going on? Suddenly I realized that I’m pushing in all areas of my life and that’s causing me to be energetically depleted. I’d been traveling sometimes twice a month for several months straight, then, I’d come home and repainted 3 rooms, and in the midst of all that I was on a strict diet. Though I’m being productive, I’m not have any fun and my Inner Child certainly isn’t having any! No wonder I’m blocked! When I push myself, while at the same time, depriving myself of fun, I’m pushing and depriving my Inner Child. When she gets pushed and deprived, she gets scared and angry and responds by blocking me. She blocks by continually projecting her/my fearful energy into the morphogenetic field (field). This continuous projecting will attract people and events that will give me more reasons to feel frustrated. I’ve experienced this first as a warning (the $70 ticket). When I didn’t heed that warning, things progressed with the result being blocked finances, the inability to find a new roommate, and finally stalled weight loss.

Once I made this discovery, I knew exactly what to do. I immediately stopped the diet, deciding that I could lose the remaining 5 pounds later … when my Inner child was ready. I could literally feel my Inner Child jumping for joy!. Next, I decided to take the day off and go do something fun. (That’s why the weekly message is a day late.) The result? New business came in, I found my new roomie–called about 2 hours after my breakthrough and I’m feeling happy again. Lesson learned!

Have a great week!