Preparing for the Timeline Shift

Woke up last Tuesday morning to receive a message from the Nibiruan, “Pay attention, they said, to the timeline. It’s about to end.” I knew from the urgency I felt that they wanted me to be aware that my opportunities to clear and shift as high as I can were swiftly coming to an end. I sat with that message (and its sense of urgency) for a day in order get really clear about what to do with it. The result was the message I sent out on Thursday, “Dump Your Junk”.

Since sending out the message, the Nibiruans have not stopped bringing this timeline issue to my attention. After 17 years, I come to accept that when something is really important to them, they continue to send “suggestions”until I take action). Just a day or so ago, I received a pair of articles about timelines and how ours is ending. I didn’t read them right away and put them in my follow up folder. Soon after I received them again…and then again! “Okay, Okay, I said under my breath. I’ll read them!

When I receive something 3 times I know it is a message. So I sat down and read the articles. Amazing … here was the scientific validation of what I had been receiving–and saying for many years.

The Nibiruans wanted me to know about the artificial timelines that were created during the Montauk and Looking Glass projects. They also wanted me to know that the emotional clearing and unity efforts we have have been making impacted those timelines finally causing them to end.

Thirdly, they wanted me to know that our current timeline was getting ready to shift, or rather we were getting ready to shift–into an even higher octave of it. They wanted me to know that they are not the only ones saying that things are about to get a lot better.

There are several other topics covered in these articles including the Annunaki, chemtrails, global warming. Though I don’t feel these authors have the whole story behind the Elohim and Annunaki, or what is causing the sun to heat up (Nibiru’s approach), the fact that they have much of the same evidence as I had received is wonderfully confirming. (Hey Ma, I wasn’t crazy after all!)

I encourage everyone to take the time to really read these articles … many of your questions about global warming and chemtrails are answered … as least I feel they are. Once you read them, let me know what you think.

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