Preparing for the Next 90 Days

We used to have to watch the news (MSM) to know what was going on but not now; you can just feel the intensity, can’t ya? Whew!

So what is going on? In a nutshell, the good guys are about to shine a very big light on the dark Cabal’s horrific child sex trafficking and satanic ritualistic abuse, and the Cabal has countered with an all out war. Yes, we are now in a world war. But this time there is a difference. As the Nibirauns stated years ago, this one is being fought from a control room. In other words it is a hidden war being fought via computers and the Internet.

There is something else about this war that is different–it is mainly a spiritual war because the prize is either spiritual enslavement or spiritual freedom, as in we will achieve our divine spiritual destiny as galactic peacekeepers…if we can end this correctly.

Back to the next 90 days. As I’ve explained on the Compassion Creator calls, what we went through in from July to September was only a trial run for now. See “Are We Ready” from June 25, 2017.  Now that we are truly entering the Summer of Blood, but how can we tell?

If you understand Gematria and the fact that the Cabal/Deep State uses it, combined with Numerology (no wonder they don’t want to using Numerology to the point they demonized it) to communicate with each other–right in front of us. Q has been helping us understand how to decode the Deep State’s communications. Consequently we have learned that they have now declared war against President Trump and all those that support the cause of freedom. Yes, we are now in the Summer of Blood.

The first thing that we are going to see (I have a feeling that it will be in the same order as the templates we did) will be the child trafficking and cannibalism (yes, they are eating our children).

This leads me to the subject of our next call and that is how to prepare. Living in a state of foreboding joy will not help us, nor will it help the children who are being rescued. It will also not help those who will be red-pilled by this information coming to light. There will be more people in need to spiritual support and healing than there will be people available to help them. And, as you know, traditional religion will not be of much use as it is based on a helpless victim/savior mentality. So what will work? In my estimation, it is anything that helps people reclaim their power from the abuse or the shock of learning of the abuse.

We will discuss that and more on our upcoming call.

see ya Monday,


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