Preparing for the Best to Come

Hi Everyone,

It’s a sunny morning here in the Midwest and my heart is full of hope and excitement for the future I am ever so strongly sensing.  It feels  as thought it is just around the corner…almost here.  With the return of Spring we will see changes occurring at such a rapid pace it will take our breath away, at least that is how it feels right now.

Some thoughts on what that will look like…the mass awakening will be moving into the next stage, that of readiness for new, more integrated beliefs.  After the shock of the awakening process (learning what was really going on), and having been weaned away from the propaganda of the public media machine, they will be ready for new levels of awareness.

It appears that this next stage is what we are being asked to prepare for.  This is where we, who have done the work will be called upon to fill that need.  This week I want to discuss possible plans and options.

Just think, we are about to begin the preparation for mankind  to enter the galactic community…makes all the past and current pain and struggle seem more worth it, doesn’t it?

talk with you tonight,


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