Polarizing to the Extremes

Hi All,

It was 20+ years ago, at the beginning of this mission, that I was informed that at the end, humanity would polarize to the extremes of Light and Dark. With the demand to have total oneness, removing all labels of gender, to allow people to migrate from country to country without any restrictions, we are seeing examples of extreme polarization to the Light.

On the other end we see a big push to prevent a wall being built that would help stop the flow of illegal and dangerous drugs, not to mention human trafficking.  But they outdone themselves when they managed to get a law passed that legalized right to terminate full-turn babies. I ask you, do you think we are there yet?  And if so, what should be our next move?  Let’s talk about it tonight.


Call Replay Link


Call Notes

This was a tough call in more than one way.  First the topic was one that many felt so passionate about (including myself) that we could not yet take it through the Formula of Compassion in order to reached neutrality.  Secondly, due to technical difficulties, the sound quality was not good…lots of echoing.

With that all said, the call contains historical info that is relevant to understanding certain current events. –Jelaila