Osama bin Laden/New Madrid earthquake/Comet Elenin: Is there a connection?

Last week I gave you a higher perspective on Osama’s bin Laden’s death. This week i continue with the part I just didn’t have room to write about in last week’s message. That part involves a more cosmic and, at the same time, 3D reason for bin Laden’s death.

Okay, this is a bit involved but that’s normal when unraveling the sometimes intricate workings of the Global Elite’s plans, so bear with me. I’ll provide links to some of the research but please just google these topics and you’ll find even more.

Comet Elenin showed in the sky a few months ago and Japan experienced a devastating earthquake Japan is in the Ring of Fire, an area of the world that sits on an unstable tectonic plate. Nibiru/Planet X arrives from the south and therefore, will pull on the plates in that region. Comet Elenin, a smaller brown dwarf that orbits in the mini solar system of Nibiru and precedes it, is large enough to pull on that plate as it passes. Comet Elenin is now circling the sun and headed back out into deep space. It will pass by again between late September or early October. But this time it will be much closer and thus, have a much stronger effect. Now let’s move on to FEMA and the US government’s actions.

FEMA has put out a call for food; enough emergency meals to feed 7 million survivors twice a day. That’s 14 million meals a day. They are planning to need to do this for 10 days. That’s a lot of meals! They want this food to help survivors in the New Madrid Seismic zone. What we need to realize is the US government is expecting this earthquake to occur and they are actively preparing … spending millions or even billions!

New Madrid – FEMA Preparation

US Navy’s Earth Changes Flood Map of America

So what would cause them to believe this earthquake would occur? And how can they minimize the chaos that will occur when more than 10 million people are affected.

I believe they know of Comet Elenin and they are scrambling to get ready. To minimize the chaos, that’s where Osama bin Laden’s death comes is. As I wrote in last week’s message. I believe they are using his death and the subsequent terrorist attacks to get the US population to agree to marshall law — before the earthquake. If this occurs beforehand they have a chance to save what systems that we use each day. Keep in mind that if the earthquake(s) occurs, and in center of our country, they will seriously damage our infrastructure. Food, water, gas, electricity, commerce and just about everything we rely on each day will be seriously affected, and not just in that area but all over the country.

Now, I’ve given you a link from a guy named Mike. I provided this link because this guy has done a lot of the research. Where I disagree is with his final hypothesis. He believes the US is going use HAARP to purposely create an earthquake in the New Madrid seismic zone in order to implement Marshall Law and enslave America. He cites the FEMA trains, detention camps,and millions of coffins being made ready as clues. I agree that the Global Elite intends to enslave America, but I don’t believe they are going to use HAARP to do it.

Instead, I believe HAARP is being used in weather wars with other countries, and weather modification here in the US (not always good). I don’t believe the Global Elite would seriously damage the US infrastructure as they need the water, gas, electricity and commerce to fulfill their goal. Moreover, I think these camps, trains and coffins may also be used for a catastrophic disaster one that will precede their plan, and though it may help them fulfill their desire, I think they would prefer to do it without the unpredictable cosmic event.

In summary, it’s my opinion that Osama bin Laden’s death is the catalyst to use terrorism as a means to implement Marshall law in order to prepare for a catastrophic earthquake caused by an a brown dwarf. Marshall law will help minimize the chaos and preserve the US infrastructure. Afterwards, the Global Elite will the same to institute their plan. I believe they are allowing people and even encouraging them to believe it is HAARP attacks in order to hide the more frightening truth about a cosmic event they cannot control. Should that truth get out, mass panic would ensue. Do your research and see if you come up with the same thing.

Now. can we do something to alter all this? Yes, we can: emotional clearing, especially the kind that involves eliminating racism of all kinds. Why racism? This earthquake is a replay of the Sirius B catastrophe, an ancient timeline event, brought about by racism, and therefore can be mitigated along with the plans for enslavement. See the Mission Remembered for more info.

We only attract reasons to feel fear based on how much fear we currently carry. So, the more we release, the less we draw and the safer we become. Quantum science has proven that It’s the best insurance policy we can have and it doesn’t cost a dime!