No Safe Place Only Safe DNA

Did you see the news today? A volcano erupted (after 400 years) near Sumatra and the east coast of the US is being threatened by Hurricane Earl; the earth changes continue. So how do we remain safe? That’s the topic of today’s video.

My guides informed me many years ago that my DNA determined my ability to stay safe. I didn’t quite understand that statement back then but thanks to quantum physics, I do now. Here’s the breakdown.

Our state of consciousness is comprised of all our beliefs … our beliefs influence our thoughts, determining how we will feel about those thoughts, and what actions we take (behavior). Our DNA holds has all of our genes and our genes contain our genetic code and our genetic code contains all our beliefs which determine our feelings and behavior.

If our beliefs about pain, expressing negative emotions and such are functional, we are able to have painful experiences and release that pain. If our beliefs in these areas are dysfunctional we hold on to the pain and don’t release it.

Our emotions are electromagnetic in nature. The morphogenetic field in which we are enveloped is also electromagnetic. What ever emotions we emit into the field are attracting their exact likeness back to us. We emit thoughts and feelings (emotion) 24 hours a day into that field.

Going further, we emit both conscious and unconscious emotions into the field each day. The conscious ones, such as our affirmations can be negated by the unconscious emissions from our reservoir of stuffed pain (emotional baggage). Therefore, though we are consciously doing our affirmations each day, if we have a large load of repressed anger and victimization, those positive affirmations could not only be overridden, the anger could be drawing to us a situation whereby we experience more reasons to feel angry and victimized i.e, earth changes related experiences. Hence, the statement, there’s no safe place only safe DNA.

The solution: Emotional Clearing


Geophysical/political timeline event list:

Phoenix area
Galactic Wound (destroyed human world) – Maldek’s demise (involved the Ashtar Command and last great galactic war)
Tied to geopolitical event involving possible detonation of nuclear warheads.

Colorado near Co. Springs (NORAD)
Galactic Wound/timeline – Avyon 2 in the Pleiades
Geopolitical event tied to a fake first contact scenario (the TV series V is involved. )

Pennsylvania near Philadephia
Galactic Wound/timeline: Avyon 2’s demise
Connected to Fake First contact and East coast tsunami.

Southern California
Galactic Wound – Maldek’s demise connected to tsunami that would come ashore near Huntington Beach

New 9D Vortex areas: (150 mile radius) will help hold templates in place and energize 9D Compassion Grid.
Charlotte, NC
Kansas City, MO
Austin, TX