No Call Tonight: Time to Play Wait and See

Hi all,

No Compassion Creator Call tonight. The reason is that this week is a pivotal one and we are to step back and allow the events to play out without any influence from us. In other words, and from a galactic perspective, this is the point on the timeline where the people must decide to stand up and say no to further control, or allow themselves to be fully enslaved by the Ca_al.

Stepping back in this case, means we do not interfere to stop the events. Instead, we hold the neutral point allowing both sides to react, all the while knowing that when the Dark acts to harm the Light, it ends up assisting the Light by exposing the Dark’s own actions.

What that means here is that People need to see and experience what it means to be in total oneness, with all rights forfeited in the same of safety as espoused by the Dark. They need the chance to fully know that that type of security and safety is another prison, and one from which will may not escape.

The Dark is providing that opportunity this week in how they are limiting the ability of states to open up. And wherever that isn’t working, they are telling people to tell on each other if someone isn’t social distancing, or playing in a playground. They are still acting out their plan by getting people to tell on store owners and asking others not to shop there until the store owner makes wearing masks mandatory…even though it is not state or city mandated.

On that note, the way people can stand up is to call the shop owner and say I will continue support your store if you uphold the state regualtion which says that masks are not madatory. In other words, don’t just sit there and comply while grumbling about it.

So back to tonight’s non call. We won’t be gathering to discuss this situation because we are being asked to step back, like your Guides do once they have prepared you for a lesson. They step back and observe how you move through it, knowing they have prepared you as best they can.  Once over, they step back in and adjust accordingly.

We have added templates to the mass consciousness grid for many years now and all that we need is in the grid at this time. We are ready now to step back and see how humanity moving this this pivotal week. I feel they will do well.