No Call but Interesting Coincidence

Hi All,

With all the turmoil going on right now I felt it best to forego a call in order to let things settle–or unfold. In the interim, there is something I thought you’d find interesting.

The House of Judah Assignment

First the backstory…
In late 1996, shortly after this mission launched, my first big assignment (apart from the Walk-ins and Estes Park conferences) was to relay a message to the House of Judah.

As an avid biblical researcher in my early years, I knew the House of Judah was the “big brother” tribe of the 12 Tribes of Israel and held the scepter promise (rulership). Still, I didn’t quite understand why I was to reach out to them not to mention how it would be done. I had yet to learn that any time the 9D Council had a plan and were already implementing that plan.

Enter Barry and Suzy Konicov of Connecting Link Magazine. As I wrote in Mission Remembered, Book Two, they discovered me through Ann Brewer, a lady I had met a few months earlier at a gathering of spiritually minded people.  Ann  had begun taking my writings and sending them to Suzy.  She was so intrigued that she called for a session…and then her husband called.

Unbeknownst to me they had decided to attend the monthly channeling session/gathering that Ann had set up at her home.  If my memory serves me correctly, this was to be our second one.  I arrived straight from the Walk-in conference in Springfield, Missouri with just minutes to spare.  Needless to say I had no time to meet them before getting started.

Come to find out, they had left their home and were traveling to Arizona in a 40ft motor coach (it was a nice one!).  Because it was late, I offered to have them stay at my place.  The next day they left but a few hours later called me because their motor coach broke down.  So began a 5 month stay at my house as they tried time and again to get that motorcoach going.  It was crazy!

Before the Konicov’s left their home, they had a rather startling visit from the IRS (Barry was heavy into fighting the IRS over the illegality of taxes).  The IRS officers decided that the Konicovs should make a gift of their money, computers, files and other items that the IRS deemed desirable.  Without funds or computers, the Connecting Link Magazine was out of business. So they packed up, got a loan from family, bought a motor coach and left for greener pastures.

In November or there abouts, it was decided that we needed to start a newsletter.  Being a now out of work publisher, Suzy offered to create it and be its publisher.  So the Nibiruan Council News was born and the message of Compassion was published in the first newsletter.

Trump and the Grand Rapids Rally

When it was announced that Grand Rapids, Michigan would be the location of President Trump’s first rally since the Mueller Report came out exonerating him of collusion with the Russians, I was surprised.  Nothing against Grand Rapids, but I thought it would be some place grander, like Florida or Texas where he had a strong base.  Additionally I could not get the idea that there was something about it being in Grand Rapids, and that it was being said that he would be “taking the gloves off” in his speech.  If you watched it or listened to the replay, it was pretty clear that President Trump came out swinging.

A day or so later, Serial Brain2, one of the best decoders of Q drops and POTUS tweets, gave us the significance of that speech.  He stated that it was the activation of the Lion of the House of Judah…

Here is the link to that video:

He stated that the Lion had begun his counter attack against the Deep State.  He talked of King David, the most famous ruler of the House of Judah and I believe inferred that he is reincarnated at this time.  (Draw your own conclusions as to who that might be.)

My 1996 assignment to the House of Judah was to share the message of compassion and that the time would come when they would need to show compassion.  In essence it was the first template that I ever did.

It has been 23 years since that assignment and it was not until now that I understand why.  When the Lion of Judah begins his counter attack, bringing down his enemies, he must do so with compassion.  If not, there is no real win, no integration, and thus no end to the cycle of war.  Without an end to the conflict there is no successful completion of this 3rd Earth Grand Experiment.

The Grand Rapids Connection

My assignment to the House of Judah was accomplished through Suzy Konicov as her mailing list of over 8000+ people was close to 75% Jewish.  As for Grand Rapids, the Konicovs were from Grand Rapids.  Again, their magazine was called the Connecting Link.  

So the first assignment was to the House of Judah was accomplished by two Jewish people from Grand Rapids, Michigan.  President Trump (the Lion of the House of Judah?) began his counter attack in Grand Rapids.  The magazine that was put out of business, but reincarnated at the Nibiruan Council News, with the message to the House of Judah in its first addition, was the Connecting Link.

You just can’t make this stuff up.