Nibiru/Planet X Update – March 2013

Wish I had a dime for every email I’ve received about Nibiru–wouldn’t have to work ever again. haha

Seriously, interest in Nibiru has increased lately, perhaps because Nibiru researchers have been sharing their findings on radio shows such as Coast to Coast. In any case, in order to avoid having to answer the same questions over and over, I decided to answer them in this update. Here are the questions I’m asked most often along with the answers.

Is Nibiru going to hit Earth?

No, Nibiru is not going to hit Earth. In fact, I was informed that not only is Nibiru not going to hit Earth, this will be the mildest passing in many, many circuits.

Is Nibiru’s approach responsible for the increased solar flares–and the real cause of global warming?

As I understand it yes. Nibiru is a star that never ignited into a full sun. But she still has a very hot core and a very powerful magnetic field. As she moves closer she puts pressure on our sun. Imagine two powerful magnets with the same polarity and the pressure exerted when they repell each other.

The pressure of Nibiru’s mass against our sun causes our sun to release pressure. This pressure is released through bursts of energy i.e., solar flares.

Is Nibiru responsible for the meteors and asteroids hitting Earth?

Again, yes. Nibiru, as mentioned earlier, is a sun that never ignited, but just as our sun she has moons and small planets that orbit her. You could call them, Nibiru’s entourage. Some orbit far beyond Nibiru and would appear to be out in front while others are behind. Nibiru also has a boat load of space junk and debris that she drags along behind her. From space it appears as a tail.

As Nibiru moves up from the south in her transit, she will come up through the Asteroid Belt. As she does her ring nodes will push debris (asteroids, meteors, etc) from within the Asteroid Belt towards the Sun. Earth is in that path, hence the meteor showers and asteroids coming towards Earth.

Why are we not being told about Nibiru?

The “Powers that Be” don’t want you to know about Nibiru because they believe it will be a catastrophic passing. This is the reason behind their decision to create underground cities. They learned of Nibiru from ETs that they have been in contact with for more than 50 years now And, through Project Looking Glass, they traveled into Earth’s future to find that the East Coast was under water.

But what they didn’t and still don’t understand is that they were traveling to timelines that could and have been changed. That is why I and many of you were sent to Earth; to be a part of the changes and to help create the changes in the timeline.

How do we know that we have changed the timeline?

As I wrote in past weekly messages, the 9D Nibiruans informed me that if Elenin passed with little upset then we had been successful in changing the timeline. You could say that Elenin’s passing was the litmus test. As we know, Elenin’s passing was much to do about nothing. Virtually no Earth changes; only a few earthquakes.

So, if what the Nibiruans say is true (and who would know better than they?) then we have nothing to fear from Nibiru’s passing.

I am told that Nibiru has already completed the major part of her journey around our sun and will soon be outbound. Because we have altered our timeline we will only get a glimpse of her. This is good because the more we see of Nibiru, the greater impact she has on our planet. We want to keep the sun between us and Nibiru!

Am I also told that those on the West Coast do not have to move anymore, unless you are within a quarter mile of the ocean. Because the increased heat will melt more of the polar ice caps, causing water levels to rise, some of the coastline will disappear. But that will be the worst of it.

The East Coast will lose more coastline than the West Coast. Can’t say why but that is what I am told.

I am told that Nibiru’s transit will be complete by mid 2014. After that we will be in the clear. The worst Earth changes we will incur between now and then will be earthquakes, volcanoes and massive storms. In other words, it’s going to be a bumpy ride for the next 18 months but we are going to come through it with our planet intact.

Of course, we still have a way to reduce those earth changes and that is through continuing our emotional clearing. Remember, humanity’s collective emotional field impacts Earth’s field. So the more we release our emotional baggage, the less Mother Earth will have to do it for us. As always, the power to further minimize earth changes is in our hands.