New Assignment: Redemption Templates

Hi All,

As we have seen before, when we are informed that something is in the works, it really is in the works! During our last little lull, the stage was being set for something really wonderful: preparing for redemption.

Now what, or rather, whose redemption are we to prepare for? The Cabal members with specific focus on the ones who are out in front taking most of the heat right now.

As I understand it, we didn’t do this step in the last two Grand Experiments. Perhaps it didn’t occur to us? In any case, what I was shown was that when the truth about all the horrific things the Dark players had done was exposed, the people screamed for blood and could not be stopped. Consequently the planets were destroyed. This time we are getting ahead of the curve so to speak, preparing for redemption for those souls who are playing these horrific roles should they choose it.

The first person we will be doing this for is Hillary Clinton. There is an interesting story behind this choice. I was awakened around 3am one night this week and presented a question, “What would you do if you found yourself on a plane sitting next to Hillary Clinton? How would you handle that?”

That question led to more revelations which then led to me realizing what our new assignment is.

I was asked to pose this same question to all of you, and I’d like to hear your answers on our next Monday call. To help you get into the higher mind set of the Formula of Compassion (you’ll need to to be able to do the template), I was guided to listen to a video from Delores Cannon on life after death.


I encourage you to take some time to listen. It is really good and reiterates what I was taught and what I’ve share with all of you.

There’s a whole lot more to all of this and we will get into it on the next call. Back to work, my dears!

Jelaila Starr

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