New Assignment: Learning the Tools that Recode DNA

Hi All,

What a great call last week. Many thanks to Colleen for being the first to share an issue so that we all can learn how to use multidimensional tools. Not only was the issue resolved on the call,  Colleen has reported that positive changes are already manifesting  for that situation.

I never cease to be amazed at how quickly one can change their reality just by applying the right information and in the right order. And not only that, knowing that we are recoding our DNA at the same time is well–icing on the cake.

Key 3: The Divine Partnership

From some of the comments I realized that it might be good to use one of our calls to go over how to apply the Keys of Compassion, along with how and when to use them as we move through the 7 stages of emotional clearing. And if we have time, I’ll go into how the Keys activate the thymus gland to bring about the recoding process.  If not, I will do so on another call. It is all pretty fascinating, at least it is to me.

So that is what we will be doing tomorrow night. Bring your questions and lets have an amazing, enlightening call.


Call Replay Link