New Assignment: Freedom Template for Future Generations

Hi All,

Been waiting to receive the next assignment and I believe we have it now.  It is to further the template for the Millennials/Indigos that I believe we have already created.  This time we focus on how to ensure that the freedom we have fought to regain, and the new foundation of harmony/diversity that is being built will continue past our lifetimes.

Many of us are of the Baby Boomer generation and we are about 2 decades from that ending.  At that point, around 2040, we pass on the new societal structure that we create now as a legacy to the Millennials.  Therein lies the concern–will they keep and use it, or discard it in favor of structure that is more in alignment with their current way of thinking?  Should be an interesting discussion, don’t you think?

Talk with you in a few hours.

Speak later at the compassion creator call.


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