New Assignment: February 12, 2018 – Holocaust Template

Hi all,

Sorry for the late notice.  Received info that we have another assignment.  I won’t go into what it is here, but will reveal it tonight.

On the subject of assignments, it appears that the guys and gals “upstairs” are keeping a close eye on events.  Though they are letting us know ahead of time what needs to be done, the lead time has changed. Normally we are given info several days in advance but this time the info came this past Saturday night.  No time to mull it over before sharing it with my crew of 8 template makers.  (These dedicated men and women help me determine how to all of you so that you can work on it successfully.)  I had to call a special meeting  on Sunday night to be ready for you all tonight.

Back to the new assignment, I ask you to keep an open mind.  There is much about our history that has been fabricated in order to control us. The template we are to create will require us to see through the deception surrounding this past event so that it is not used to divide our nation via an upcoming event.

I’d like to share research links for you but I am being urged to wait.  What is needed is an open mind and a willingness to see beyond the deception first in order to create the template, as that is how the public will view it.  Research links will be provided on this page after the call along with the replay link.

Come prepared to help alter the course of humanity.  Your compassion work is making a more of a difference than you could possibly know.


Call Replay Link

Research Links

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