New Assignment: Egypt Template to Heal the Reptilian/Human Conflict

Hi All,

Hope you had a good week off, now it is back to work.  The guys and gals upstairs have given us a new assignment; we are to help with a template for the Reptilian/Human Conflict.  Though Egypt figures heavily into this, the conflict in very ancient, going all the way back t0 the first Human home world in the Lyra constellation.

This template will be a bit different in that we are to assist a fellow teacher rather doing it ourselves.  Nancy Joy Hefron will be joining us for the call and together we will get the details of what is needed and decided how to proceed.  Below is a little write up that Nancy Joy provided to get you started.  Should be a very, very exciting call!


Call Replay Link

Call Notes

Nancy Joy Hefron ( is facilitating her 11th Heartlights Journey to Egypt this November as she recently uncovered that there is actually an Egyptian Clock built into the star alignment on the Giza Plateau that was evidently revealed in The Law of One material.

This clock provides a portal for the ascension/shift of our entire solar system. First, the Silver Gate (the Gate  of Man) opened with Orion at the cusp on May 22, 2017 bringing renewed abundance and resources to our solar system. Then on November 22, 2017, The Golden Gate (the Gate of God) opened aligning with the the Constellation Ophiuchus bringing the fire/water crystalline energy of creation through our Sun and Into our hearts.  Orion and Ophiuchus are polar opposites.

Tune in on Monday Nights Compassion call to learn why it is so important for a conscious heart group of light workers to return to The Giza Plateau to stabilize and integrate this template on its first anniversary this November 22.

Link to the trip on website.