New Assignment Begins – Preparing for the Galactic Superwave

Greetings everyone,

The world is topsy turvy as we move through these amazing times. And the closer this planet gets to the Galactic Superwave, the inner portion of the Photon Band, the more intense it will be. These are the Great Tribulations spoken of the biblical texts, the time of ancient prophecies as foretold by Nostradamus, but instead of feeling fear and trepidation, we have cause to celebrate. Why? We are changing those events, altering their outcomes to more positive ones.

In the previous nine months we have worked diligently to create templates to alter these events, sometimes only days ahead of the event playing out. Now that the necessary templates are done, we move to the next phase: emotional clearing. Emotional clearing not only energizes our templates, it helps us with another task—aligning with the frequency of the Galactic Superwave. To this end we begin this intense emotional clearing work.

Though it appears that there is a cyclical process to our assignments, with each round we move higher … as in a spiral. For this new assignment we are being asked to work together as a group (rather than individually or in a workshop). It’s a bit more risky as far as vulnerability goes, but necessary. The quicker we can learn how to work through the really tough challenges coming up in our lives, the higher we go. Make sense?

So, with that said, I have asked my crew to step forward and be the first ones to share on our Monday night call. Colleen has bravely volunteered to be the first.

Below is the issue she is currently dealing with. My goal is that we outline the issue and then work together on the call, using the Keys of Compassion to find resolution and release.

I look forward to hearing from you all tomorrow night.


Hi Compassion Creators!

My name is Colleen, and I am one of the members of Jelaila’s Compassion team. I first met Jelaila in 2005, when I was part of the group working on a template in Colorado Springs to change a timeline. We were able to successfully create a template that would help change the timeline for a future event that is now playing out right before our eyes.

I have been a gridworker for most of my life and a counselor, the compassion work provided by the 9D Nibiruans has enhanced my own awareness and abilities exponentially! Whenever possible, I now try to come from this higher perspective of resolving conflicts.

Like many of you I am getting “opportunities” to come from this perspective with volatile family issue.

As part of this new assignment to increase emotional clearing efforts in order to get our frequencies up, I have chose to be the first of us to bare all and publicly work through a personal and challenging issue. I’m going to do my best to go through each of the 7 Stages of Emotional Clearing to resolution. Though I feel a bit vulnerable, it is my hope that this sharing will help you with your own emotional clearing!

For a quick review, here is a link and a quick review of the 7 Stages of Emotional Clearing, part of the Keys of Compassion that were given to Jelaila by the 9D Nibiruans.

My Family Issue

As I see it my five siblings are fighting amongst themselves for power and influence (leading to monetary gain) with our 85 year old Mom, who is working to recover from a serious stroke last month. I moved 3000 miles to be her caregiver during her recovery, so she could recover at home. I have tried to be “Switzerland” with my siblings, but the situation is getting nasty and I just want to protect her from all the subterfuge. The example I am going to use is my brother’s desire to control all aspects of my mother’s life…yet doesn’t want to show up in person to care for her.

  1. Trigger: My brother wanted to sell my mother’s car, since she can no longer drive. I made an agreement with him to wait for a few weeks so I could access what my Mom needs. He agreed to wait…then disregarded our agreement and cancelled her active car insurance, taking her car paperwork with him.
  2. Identify Trigger through anger: I was VERY angry that he didn’t keep our agreement and cancelled her car insurance. She wanted her car to be available for me to use to take her to/from appointments and on errands.
  3. Projection and blaming: I blamed him for disrespecting me and completely disregarding our mother’s wishes.
  4. Express and release anger and pain: I spoke up and told him how I felt about him not keeping our agreement. He told me he never agreed to it, and I should get over it and move on. Mom would need to take a taxi or call friends to get to doctor’s appointments. I think I’m stuck here…I didn’t pursue it because I didn’t want to subject myself to an abusive screaming match with him.
  5. Look for and find the mirror: I feel that my brother is probably afraid of losing control over my mom’s life and other areas in his life. Since I moved to care for my Mom, I haven’t felt in control of very much in my own life. I feel like I am going with the flow of things, and staying present, but if this is a mirror for me than it’s also about me resenting not being in control somehow. But then, I am not standing up for myself or my Inner Child when I don’t express anger when I feel it.

The final two stages are what I need help to understand. Thank you for working through this with me!


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