New Age Money Pitfalls

Following up on my article, Becoming a Prosperous Teacher, we now explore some of the more predominant money related beliefs that impact the New Age/metaphysical community. Personal experience has shown me that these beliefs inhibit my ability to manifest money. Interactions with my counseling clients shows that I am not alone. As I ferret out these hidden beliefs in myself, I will continue to share them. Like you, I want to be financially successful in my spiritual work. I want to feel satisfied and happy and I know that any lack I experience is my own creation. Let’s take a look at the latest findings.

Belief 1. I must immediately find a way to fulfill any assignment that Spirit gives me.

This one can lead to untold amounts of frustration, self-doubt, relationship conflicts, not to mention wasted dollars. I have intimate experience with this one. In the past, when I have received a message from Spirit requesting that I carry out an assignment, I immediately went into action to carry it out. I would stop at nothing, moving heaven and earth to make it happen. Inevitably I would hit that proverbial wall and then get frustrated and angry wondering why I couldn’t make it work. Sound familiar?

Now, after years of having repeated this pattern, I have learned what to do when I receive an assignment. I call it “The Golden Rule for Mission Assignments”. It goes like this: “When the people, money and opportunity effortlessly come together at the same time, then it is time to act.”

My guides from Nibiruan Council explained this one to me a long time ago, but it has taken me many years and many painful experiences to believe and trust it.

How can we know when we are acting out of this belief?

When we get the message that we are to fulfill a certain assignment for Spirit, we immediately go into action without allowing some of the pieces to come forward first.
We begin pushing to make things happen instead of letting them come to us, thus creating stress and worry. Devin, one of my guides, has often said to me, “When it stops being fun, you are not flowing and allowing, you are pushing. Stop pushing, let go and it will happen as if by magic. It will come to you.”
We notice that the money is not available to fund the assignment, yet we still spend what money we have (money allocated for food, rent, or car payments) to do so. Then even more blocks occur to stop it.

Here is an example. We have been informed by Spirit that we are to build a healing center. Acting upon the message, but realizing that we don’t have the money, we mortgage our home. Then we quit our 3D jobs using the money mortgage money to not only build the center but support ourselves in the meantime. A year later we have to go back to a 3D job because we are now heavily in debt. So disheartening and frustrating.

What can we do to change this belief to a more supportive one?

Apply the golden rule. When Spirit gives you an assignment, say to them, “I hear you and I am willing to act. Just bring the people, money and opportunities necessary.”

One more thing–After several years of working on projects with the Nibiruan Council, and hitting many walls, I have learned that there is a time/space distortion of about 1-2 years. This means that the majority of the assignments that we receive are not scheduled to begin for one to two years in the future. If you continue to get messages about an assignment, yet the pieces have not come together, you may simply be overhearing conversations regarding the assignment. I call this “periscoping.”

Belief 2. I don’t need to charge money for my service because having the opportunity to serve Spirit is thanks enough.

I don’t think that there are too many feelings that can match the joy that serving Spirit gives us, but out of balance, this belief can become a real cop out. Since the universe is based on the law of Giving and Receiving, anyone really wanting to understand the higher realms would have to face the fact that Spirit honors this law. In other words, Spirit does not expect you to work for free.

If there’s one thing I have learned in my years of working with people in the business world and New Age industry it is that no one does anything for free. If we are truly honest with ourselves, we will acknowledge that the only reason we do anything is to get something in return whether it be money, a feel good feeling, or a pat on the back. After all, isn’t that the universal law of giving and receiving? But even if the feel-good feeling of serving Spirit is what we want, Spirit knows that we must receive that feeling in equal proportion to the service we are giving. As long as this occurs, we will continue to offer the service in exchange for the feelings we get from doing it. But, if it is not in equal proportion, the day will surely come when what we receive will just not be enough. We will know that one of these conditions exists because we will begin avoiding doing the work or we will be out of money for ourselves.

How can we know that we are still acting out of this belief?

We find ourselves volunteering to do several jobs that provide no monetary remuneration or exchange of goods or services. Why do we do this? I believe there are two reasons: We believe that if we put a price on our service we will be considered greedy or not very spiritual. This goes back to Belief #1 (see Becoming a Prosperous Teacher). And we fear being responsible and accountable for doing our service on a long-term basis, therefore we avoid accountability by not accepting money.

What can we do to change this belief to a more supportive one?

Before we volunteer, we need to determine why we are doing it? Is it because we just want to or it is out of a sense of guilt that we may be considered selfish if we don’t? Many times we volunteer to serve Spirit due to underlying feelings of pressure to make ourselves look good or more spiritual. I think you will agree that these are not the most emotionally healthy reasons. If it is just that feel-good feeling, and it makes your heart sing, then by all means go ahead. Above all, know thy intent!

Determine what you would like in return. It is my understanding that Spirit always, always honors the universal law of giving and receiving. If that is the case, then wouldn’t it be appropriate to determine what you would want to receive in return for your service to Spirit? If so, then decide what that would be. It could be better health, a new home, or a new opportunity of your choice. Regardless of what you decide, once you decide, verbally state that choice to Spirit.

Let me give you an example. If you decide you want a new car because your old one is about to die say to Spirit, “Spirit, I request in return for my ______service a new 2001 Mustang convertible.” Also be specific. Let Spirit know what color, the features you want and what price you are willing to pay. From my experience, Spirit is more than willing to compensate you; you only have to ask and if it is on your Life Blueprint, the doors will open for you to receive it. The only one who can stop you from receiving it is you. One more thing, when determining what you want in the form of compensation aim high, after all, we have been told that the universe is limitless haven’t we?

Belief 3. I can accept love offerings instead of establishing set prices for services as a way to finance my work.

This is a really touchy one and I am sure that I will receive a load of emails disputing my views, but let’s take a look anyway.

When I began this work, leaving my former business behind, I chose to hold monthly gatherings where I would channel members of the Nibiruan Council. I did this to begin getting the Council’s info out there and also as a way to begin building a clientele for readings since this work was full time and therefore my only means of income.

In keeping with the New Age belief that I shouldn’t charge for my spiritual services, I set a basket on the counter leading into the family room with a sign perched beside it said “Love Offerings.” But since I was conflicted over this belief that I felt was somehow imbalanced, I wrote $20 as a suggested amount on the card. This helped me feel okay about giving the next 3 hours of energy, time and information. It also helped me find a comfortable balance between my former beliefs as a business owner, and this new world of beliefs into which I had just entered.

At the end of the evening I found that the offering had averaged about $20 per person. This made me feel pretty good. I felt that they had valued my service enough to give $20 each. I also felt that I was on the right track and relieved that this new work would financially support my daughter and I.

At the next gathering I once again used the love offering basket, but this time neglected to write a minimum on the card. The same amount of people attended yet the average per person was only $12. Immediately I began to question why. Was I not good enough, had I not provided the same level of service as the last time? Did I not satisfy their needs enough? What was it? In the end I felt that they had not valued me as much and I felt a little resentful and even hurt.

The following time I added the minimum and the average went back up. What I learned from all of this was that if I don’t value my time, no one else will. I learned that people take their cue as to my value from me. If I value me and let them know, they will follow suit. If I don’t, they are left to establish my value on their own and people don’t usually feel comfortable with this since it leaves them vulnerable to criticism from me. I also prefer someone give me a guideline when they request a love offering. If I know how much value they want to place on their service for the sake of compensation, I can then decide if I want to give it. And when I do, I feel confident that they will not consider me inconsiderate or critical because I may have given less because they didn’t provide a minimum.

Now let’s go deeper into the love offering concept and see what really lies beneath this concept. In my opinion, placing a minimum is the same as setting a price for a service. The only difference is that I cloak it in the love offering terminology. But why did I do this? Why didn’t I just say, “Hey, the gathering is $20.” Why did I feel the need to cloak it in this way? Well, the truth is that I felt that others would think that I am not very spiritual if I charged for my services. I was buying into that old belief that “If it is spiritual it should be free.” If I truly believed that one must give and receive and that one must decide how one would wish to receive (which is the whole basis of creative visualization) then that concept holds no merit. It is counter productive to those who give their time and energy in any kind of service, spiritual or otherwise. I had to admit to myself that I had used the love offering concept because I didn’t have the guts to put out there what I felt my time that night was worth. I used it out of fear.

Teachers and Lightworkers in general who are comfortable with the fact that every business needs money to survive will take the time to decide what they wish to receive in return for their service, those not comfortable, still feeling it is wrong and shameful to ask for money for their services, will not. They will just allow anything to come to them in return for the service. In most cases, they find that what they receive is not what they need, and if they were honest with themselves, what they wanted.

We must begin to really look at how the universe works and what we need to do to gain what we need from this vast repository of unlimited energy. We must take responsibility for getting what we want. If we want certain things from it, we must be the ones to state what those things are and then use the universal laws in such a way that the universe will send those things to us. The universe can only give us what we ask for. If we don’t state an amount, it will give us whatever amount we truly believe we deserve and most of the time that amount is less than we desire. If we really believe that we are entitled to fair compensation we will have no problem stating that to the universe or anyone else for that matter.

I don’t believe that we can continue to abdicate our responsibilities and expect the universe or our clients to read our minds and know what we want and need; we must put our needs on the table, so to speak.

How can we know that we are still acting out of this belief?

We refuse to ask for compensation or if we do, it is a love offering. We say that the universe will provide. Remember that in the Bible, God asked for a tenth from all the Israelites of their money and goods. This was to given to the priests to support them since they served the people in a full time capacity. So they were being compensated for their services. Don’t you deserve the same?
We feel angry when someone suggests that we place a value on our services. Keep in mind that underneath all anger is fear.
We judge those that do place a value on their spiritual services by requesting compensation of a set amount.

What can we do to change this belief to a more supportive one?

Have a good talk with yourself and determine if you feel that your service is worthy of compensation. Until we believe that we are worthy of compensation, we will not take the steps to ensure that we receive it.
Make a list of your monthly expenses then ask yourself, “How will I pay these bills each month?” If the answer is, “God will provide” keep in mind that God helps those who help themselves. Dishonoring the universal law of giving and receiving is not helping yourself. Honoring that law is helping yourself.
Think about how you feel when you attend a meeting or class where a love offering is requested. Don’t you wonder if you are giving enough and if the facilitator will think you gave enough? Doesn’t trying to place a value on the facilitator, healer or teacher’s service make you a bit uncomfortable? No one wants to be thought of as cheap, selfish or stingy, and in my experience having to determine the amount of a love offering brings up all those unpleasant feelings. It is similar to the feelings we get when they “passed the plate” in church. How much value to you place on…? Do you see what I mean?

In closing, I hope that by taking a moment to exploring these money pitfalls we will be better able to determine where we each have hidden, unconscious beliefs that are keeping us from enjoying all the good things 3D has to offer. You and I came here on assignment to assist Mother Earth and her people in their ascension. We came to give but also to receive in return. I don’t feel that there is any reason for us to have to struggle financially. I don’t believe it was planned that way ‘cause if it was, we’ve all be royally screwed. What I feel has happened is that we have become stuck in the same belief systems from which we came to free earth’s people. And I truly believe that we can end our sojourn in these lessons as soon as we decide to change our beliefs. In addition, I feel that on a soul level we agreed to create periods of financial struggle in our lives in order that we may better understand and have compassion for what those we came to free will have to go through to get free of these same beliefs. In other words, we are not victims here and once we acknowledge that, we can regain our clarity and take the steps to begin enjoying this mission again.