Moving to Maintenance Mode: Update on the First Wave

Had a session with Pam(not her real name), a lovely lady from California recently. Pam’s reason for contacting me centered around life after the mission. I have spoken on this topic before, but not from this angle.

Like many of us First Wavers, and even those who came before, the mission that Pam had come to Earth to fulfill had been completed. Now in her later years, she was not sure if it was okay to retire. As Pam explained it, she felt unsettled … like there was something more to do, but she just wasn’t sure what it was.

Tuning into her guides, the answer was quick in coming: Pam was now to enjoy her life, really enjoy it. By being in joy she was putting forth the energy required to maintain the work she had completed.

From there, a bigger picture began forming in my mind. I saw the Earth encapsulated in a grid of light with templates firmly secured in various places. The templates shone like brilliant diamonds glinting in the sun. Pam, like many of us had been actively involved in creating that grid work. As for the templates, each time she exuded joy or overcame a fear, her energy help to keep them energized.

What I understood was that this infrastructure, that so many of the First Wavers had worked to create, was what successfully carried Earth and humanity through the galactic superwave at the end of 2012. (See links below for more info). Since then this infrastructure has supported the new reality, the one we are creating moment by moment, day by day because there was no script.

Going further, the reason there was no script is that the Higher Realms were not sure we would be able to achieve the lofty goal of ascension. But we have.

Crossing the galactic equator, and through the high evolutionary energy of the galactic superwave at the end of 2012, put us on a new timeline. In other words, we ascended; we went up and onto a new timeline. It was part the Great Shift of the Ages was about; a point at which many cycles completed including a Grand Galactic cycle.

Now that we completed the goal, many of the First Wavers are done with their work. But like Pam, they don’t know what to next. Like Pam’s guides, our guides are saying that it is time to relax and enjoy the fruits of our labor; the Second and Third Wavers will take it from here. Our work now is to do what makes our hearts sing knowing that our joy will energize the light-worked grid and templates. In other words, we are to transition to maintenance mode with the focus on creating joy. For Pam it is doing more with animals and traveling with her husband.

Needless to say, Pam was relieved; it felt great knowing that she could go and enjoy the new interests in her life without feeling like she was slacking off. At the end of the day, all she needed to do was put the see the signs her guides were giving her and interpret them as her guides intended. Then, give herself permission to act by moving into maintenance mode with her mission.

In closing, if you are a First Waver and you feel your main mission is complete, it most likely is. If you feel stuck, like your life is going nowhere it could be because you have not given yourself permission to move to the next stage. Ask your guides to reveal how to move forward with the things that interest you now. You may find that they have been waiting to do so; they just needed you to give yourself permission.


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