More Proof that We are On a Positive Timeline–We are Free!

Had lots of feedback on last week’s message about being on a humanity being on a positive rather than negative timeline. Many responded saying that I had my head in the clouds because there was little or no evidence of it. Some said the Powers that Be (PTB) were too entrenched and would never give up while others felt even if we did succeed in freeing ourselves our world would end anyway due to some impending cosmic catastrophe.

All I can say is that I feel sad for those people. All they have to do is do a little digging looking for what is really going on. It’s happening behind the scenes. As long as they expect it to be reported through mainstream media they will continue to feel defeated–that’s the purpose of mainstream media; to keep us feeling hopeless and afraid!

So what is the proof I’m talking about? It’s the proof that we are actually now financially free!

One Peoples Public Trust (OPPT)

I wrote about this trust a few weeks ago but it appears that most readers either didn’t read that far into the message, or if they did they didn’t understand what it was saying. In a nutshell, it says that thanks to the efforts of a group of dedicated people, UCC filings have been placed on the World Bank, all major banks, the BIS and other financial institutions foreclosing on them. See the following videos for more info.

Is Anything Changing?

For those who despair that anything is changing, I invite you to look into this trust and discover just how much as been done. There is a process that must be followed in doing UCC filings and administrative remedies. The OPPT is following the protocol.

What can we do to help move things along?

To make our freedom manifest, we must all participate. Here is what you can do.

  1. Become educated about this trust.
  2. Share the information with everyone you know.
  3. Follow the news on it so that you are up to date. Heather Tucci and her team will keep us informed as to when and how to submit documents to release ourselves from our mortgages and credit card debt.
  4. Work within groups to submit your paperwork once we know what the procedure is.

Manifesting the changes we want to see requires that we take notice and take action once the door has been opened. Much like a group of horses corralled for most of their lives, they have become so accustomed to being caged that they will not recognize when the gate has been opened. And some, having perhaps suffered the consequences of trying to escape will be too afraid to try again. But once one horse leaves the others will take notice. First they leave one at a time then two or more. Then, before you know it, the rest catch on and stampede out.

That is what we are like right now, still afraid to leave the cage; or if not, we are still unsure of how to go about it. We have been financially enslaved all of our lives and now that someone has given us the keys we need help breaking away. I don’t know about you but I’m ready to stand at the door and do all that I can to help people understand how to break free.

In closing, for those who are angry or hopeless because they feel there is no hope for the future, they only have to look behind the curtain. And if we each do our part, the naysayers will soon have a change of heart. So I’m urging everyone, if you want to be freed from financial slavery, do your part. Don’t say you are too busy to do the research or think that it’s okay to sit back and let others do the work. This is our time to step up and be counted.