Mission Training: Dark Night of the Soul

Today’s message comes from a session I had with a friend and fellow spiritual teacher. After many years of doing her work, Karen (not her real name) was found herself directionless and out of money. Following the signs, Karen had up and moved from Pennsylvania to Florida. The doors of opportunity had opened to facilitate that move and Karen was excited about what the future would hold … that was 2 years ago. So there she was in a new town, waiting, waiting …

Tuning in to her guides I got the answer. Karen was in a Dark Night of the Soul (DNS). Of course, the next question is, why? Hadn’t she fulfilled the last phase of her mission successfully? The doors opening for the move to Florida seemed to confirm that.

As I explained to Karen, when it comes to a mission, a DNS does not occur because you did something wrong. It occurs because you were successful. I’ll explain.

Higher Purpose of a Dark Night of the Soul

Most everyone on this planet will experience a DNS at some point in their lives. Its general purpose is to help the individual make a big spiritual leap to the next level.

In regards to a mission, it does the same thing but for an additional reason. The reason is that during the previous mission phase, there were a lot of painful experiences. But because we are so focused on the mission, completing the assignments, we may suppress those feelings. If there are a lot of them, a Dark Night will ensue once the phase ends.

It’s a purging experience, much like the sweat lodges of the Native Americans. We must purge out the anger, frustration, disappointment, and hurt that we incurred during the last phase. Once we do we will make a quantum leap. A quantum leap rather, than a small leap, made be needed for the next phase. How long the Dark Night lasts depends on how much needs to be purged and how big of a spiritual or vibrational leap is needed next.

Once Karen understood this she was greatly relieved. Her guides explained what she needed to work on next to prepare for her next mission phase, something she had neglected during the last phase. We ended the session on a high, feeling excited about what was to come.

In closing, if you find yourself feeling lost and confused, with no money and no passion for the work you had been doing, you may be in a Dark Night of the Soul. If you are involved in a mission, it’s very likely that you are being prepared for the next step. So, hang in there, the best is yet to come.