Mission Failure? A Higher Perspective

After a couple weeks of puppy rescue and sharing the mid-year 5D timeline update, this week I’m returning to session stories. This week I’ll focus on earth missions and the shame and guilt that occurs if we are told that we have failed that mission.

Beth and Dan

Many of us on Earth came from the future into the past to fulfill a mission. This mission, when completed would provide both a personal and humanitarian gift.

Following what we felt was good guidance, we stepped outside the box of our long cherished beliefs and embraced a “galactic perspective.” For some this is enough but for others the journey is not over; there is a mission to fulfill. After much soul searching we decide to heed the calling … even to the point of giving up everything we knew, our jobs, homes, our family, friends and lifestyle, to move to another location. Many times it works out really good but sometimes it doesn’t, or at least it appears that way. Such was the case of Beth and her husband, Dan.

Heeding the call of their mission, Beth and Dan pulled up stakes and moved across country following the guidance given by a galactic council. Leaving behind a successful business and luxury lifestyle was made easier by dreams of fulfilling their divine purpose. But after several years of dedicated work they were told that they had failed their mission. Not only were they confused and bewildered, angry and ashamed, they were also financially broke. My heart ached for them as I listened to their story. In desperation Beth decided to reach out for help through another channel.

Tuning in to consult with their guides, it was clear they had been working with a council but had received guidance that was somewhat skewed due to the consciousness level of the channel(s). Having made more than a few interpretation mistakes myself over the last almost 20 years, I could easily relate.

It also occurred to me that to discuss whether the channel was right or wrong was not the focus as the focus–and the purpose–was much higher. Asking for an opportunity to see what is on her *Life Blueprint, I asked Beth’s soul to show me if at all possible. Suddenly a whole boatload of info began to filter into my head and I understood that higher purpose.

The Lesson from the 9D Perspective

Beth, and Dan, chose this experience to help them both reclaim the power they have given up in a previous lifetime when both were in a position of authority. In that lifetime they made a decision which didn’t turn out very good; it caused many deaths and much suffering. Having taken on the responsibility for, along with deep overwhelming and disempowering shame, they vowed never to be in such a position again. From that point on, though they would become leaders in their subsequent lifetimes, they would do so in a much smaller way.

Because we are at the end of a Grand Galactic cycle in which their will be an ascension opportunity, both Beth and Dan chose to reincarnate. In this lifetime they would create a situation that would enable them to reclaim that lost power. To this end they created a lesson that they would move through in this lifetime. Let’s call it the “Releasing Yourself and Reclaiming Your Power from Shame” lesson. The lesson would have three parts:

Part 1: Set up the lesson. This would require other people to play the roles needed to carry it out so contracts were made and roles were scripted.

Part 2: Carry out the lesson. The individual, who would play the role of the channel speaking for the galactic council, would skew some of the information, most often unknowingly. As long as Beth and Dan chose to set aside their power (in this case, their power of discernment) they would follow that guidance which would lead them right into the trap. The trap the anger, shame and guilt caused by the perception that they had failed the mission and were asked to leave.

From the higher perspective, the lesson had progressed beautifully.

Part 3: The release. The goal was for both Beth and Dan to free themselves from the powerlessness of deep shame. To do so they would have to recreate a situation that mimicked the same deep level of shame they felt in the previous lifetime. At the same time, one of them would have to be cognizant enough to reach out for help while the other would mirror what they were both feeling. Dan was being the mirror by being numb and incapacitated with major depression. During his session, Dan’s guides gave me a vision of Dan standing in a circle of leaping flames.

As for Beth, though also angry, she was able to reach out for the help they needed due to being told that she was the cause of their failure. Beth’s guides showed me a vision of her leaning into a strong hurricane force wind (negative words and blame coming from the channeler … playing her role as scripted) as she struggled to move forward.

I explained the past life issue with Beth, along with the contract she and Dan had created in the Interlife to work through and reclaim their lost power. I explained the part the galactic council and channel had played as well. Once Beth realized the higher purpose of it all, she was able to release the channel from blame as well as herself and Dan. I felt so honored to be a small part of making that happen.

Good things are coming for Beth and Dan. Now with their power restored they will move forward in this life and do even greater things than before. And they will fulfill their mission for this council, but on a much bigger scale.

In closing, we who are here on Earth missions may find that we must first reclaim something that we long ago lost before we can complete it. Sometimes it takes a whole group of people to make that happen. But if we get caught in a belief system that doesn’t allow for us to see the perspective from which it was created, we can fall victim to the belief of failure. Having helped Beth and Dan, I was reminded just how fortunate I am to have been taught the 9D higher perspective that allows us to step out of fear, blame, and shame. This perspective empowers the disempowered because it allows us to take responsibility for everything including all the contracts, roles and scripts that we made for our lessons.

My heartfelt congratulations to you both, Beth and Dan, for allowing me to share your story.